Why I Chose Vegan.

About 3 years ago I changed my life for the better.  I chose to go Vegan. It is honestly the best thing I could have ever had done for myself, the animals, our environment, the world and our future.

Celebrating my 100th post Vegan style.

Making the decision to go Vegan is a massive choice to make.  Especially if like me, I was brought up eating conventional foods meat, poultry, fish and dairy.  Would you believe me, if I told you just typing those worlds made me cringe.

Going Vegan is a personal choice which I made for myself.  I made it for ethical reasons.  I am a great lover of all animals and living things.  If someone told you, you could sustain YOUR life without taking the rights away from another living being, would you at least try?

I started, because I wanted to see how MY body would cope without the consumption of meat.  It was a fun personal test.  I did it for a month and never looked back.  I personally did not miss meat and then it got me thinking, I actually did not eat that much meat to start with.

Vegan.  Compassion.  Nonviolence.  For the people.  For the planet.  For the animals.

It is amazing what you can achieve, if you decide to change your point of view.  Veganism and plant based living is being catapulted into the young and mature minds, of those who are looking for change. To better themselves, to live in a world where we all respect each other, including all beings, human and non human.

I personally can no longer contribute to a world so sick and in suffering.  If you just opened your eyes as well as your mind, you would see what is really happening.

Animals are heavily exploited for their meat or better known to me as their flesh. Their skin or better known to you as leather.  I’ve always hated leather.  As a child I couldn’t understand why it stank so much.  Now I know.

Like I’ve said, I have changed my way of living and this includes skin/hair care, home cleaning products and clothing. In the past veganism and plant based living was deemed a Hippy living.  “Oh it’s something the Hippies do, Oh you must be a Hippy”  Well I’ve always known Hippies to be portrayed on social media (yes that includes your television and newspapers), as peaceful loving people always protesting for what they believed to be right.

My second biggest vegan change is beauty and skin care.  If you knew the true horrors behind social media, what goes on behind the scenes of creating beauty and skin care products, how your clothes and accessories are sourced as well as your food.  You may just think twice.

I was once there.  All I can say is at least I’m doing my bit.  Many people are changing to this way of life.  And like I said people are doing it for different reasons.  Some even for health reasons.

If you are going Vegan or Plant Based, you will get it wrong and make mistakes along the way.  That is okay your learning a new way of life.  I am still learning.  It will be a difficult transition BUT well worth it for so many reasons.  Life is trial and error.  Less of the error please.

If you know of the back story of our environment and animal suffering.  And continue the conventional way of living, at least you are aware of your contributions.  For those that don’t know, to live in ignorance is a sad shame.

I could go on about this for a while longer, BUT it goes so deep down the rabbit hole, like Alice you would have to chase it to know, what madness lies within (and no, lies is not a typo).

What are your thoughts, let me know in the comments below?



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