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Well where to start…since becoming vegan, it has not just been my food choices that have changed drastically but my choices in beauty and skin care too.  To be honest for a long while now, I have been a total fan of the product I am about to speak of. Original Source has been a firm favourite in my house hold for both male and female.

I was introduced to Original Source some years ago by my Sister ( I swear she keeps me in the loop, of what we should be eating, drinking, and all round trying)  Original Source is a certified vegan brand and all bottles are recyclable.  The shower gels all come in an array of colours.  You could create your own personal rainbow in your bathroom and they all smell so good.  I remember trying Original Source for the very first time, it was in fact the refreshing Mint Tea Tree. Which is jammed packed with 7,927 mint leaves.  I loved the packaging sleek and slim with a slight grain effect on the bottle, for a secure hold in the shower.  I was totally blown away by the strength of the smell oozing out from the bottle.  It really did feel like, I was stood in the middle of a mint leaf and tea tree field.  Using the mint tea tree shower gel in the morning, is a sure way to wake you from your slumber.  It is that slap in the face you need to get your arse into gear in the early mornings.  The mint tea tree shower gel is one of my favourites and starts the day off in the right way.

I am currently using the Mango shower gel, which is as juicy as it sounds and houses 6 natural and fruity oils!  All the shower gels are made with 100% natural fragrances.  The Mango shower gel is so juicy smelling (can I say that?) you would legit have to keep this away from young children (although that should be done anyway).  Even I get thirsty thoughts when I use this.  It certainly gives that tropical feeling to your senses.

And lastly the one most people go running for in any brand, is the moisturising Coconut & Shea Butter Most people know of the healing and beneficial use of coconuts and shea butter, so it’s no wonder.  A cool fact – 7,872 tropical hours were waited for the Coconuts to ripen, before being mixed with Shea Butter. Again the smell is gorgeous, and really makes you feel your washing yourself in a more luxurious shower gel.

I absolutely adore these affordable vegan shower gels.  And being a vegan, comes with ethical purchasing and way of life. As long as Original Source is ethical, I will then continue to use them for years to come.  Original Source can be found in 9 different UK stores such as Superdrug, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Ocado, Wilkinsons/ Wilko, Waitrose, Asda and Tescos.

Which one is your favourite, let me know in the comments below : )



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