Wild Food Cafe | Sloane Square

Take a walk on the wild side.  The Wild Food Cafe. Wild side.  With more and more people being curious with vegan food, and being confused with what it means to be plant based.  Take your little self down to Sloane Square in London.  Where you will stumble upon a little cafe, Wild Food Cafe.

The Wild Food Cafe is in the middle of a cute, almost secluded area of London.  The building its self is very bohemian, and the atmosphere is chilled and laid back.  It’s colourful building will be sure to draw you inside for their totally nourishing food.  Wild Food Cafe is right next door to Neals Yard, which just amps the excitement of visiting.

Once inside you are greeted by the mellowed, happy and helpful staff.  I have to point out happy, as the amount of restaurants I have been too, where the staff are just down right miserable, makes for an equally crappy experience.  No worries about that here.

I went with my boyfriend, whom 99% of the time I try new restaurants with.  We started with crispy Kale with cheese.  Jason ordered a Rainbow Noodle Salad with Pistachio and artisan raw honey.  While I had a vegetable sushi style meal (summer wraps).  We both finished our desserts, which were a raw salted caramel slice with white chocolate whipped cream (absolutely delicious) and a poached style orange cake, served with white chocolate whipped cream.  I ordered a chocolate coffee based smoothie with chocolate sauce, which came with pretty decorations on top, which was actually my favourite thing.  And strangely enough I don’t like coffee drinks, but started a cold coffee drink addiction at least three years ago.  And now I can’t seem to ween myself off (help).  I don’t remember what Jason had but do know he is not a fan of cold coffee.

The Wild Food Cafe, wont be for everyone.  Especially those who enjoy a hot meal.  That’s right, raw means raw, the whole meal was cold.  The next stage up from being Vegan.  Still vegan but in a raw form.  Which I am not totally a fan off.  But neither the less, it was a good and tasty experience.

A local pub

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