Vegan Bio Oil How To Highly Effective Improve Stretchmarks, Pigmentation

Bio Oil IS vegan and a lot of people do not actually know this. For some reason B.O do not state this on their website and to be honest their website is very plain and to the point. Unlike the B.O product, which I have grown to love over the years of use.

What Is a Scar?

A scar is an over production of the skin over healing itself. Therefore it over produces collagen. The B.O helps to lessen the look of the scar tissue and look as normal as possible like the rest of the skin. The worlds leading stretchmarks and scare product, with only the best natural oils.

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Vegan Bio Oil How To Highly Effective Improve Stretchmarks, Pigmentation

Which Bio Oil Should You Use?

The Original | Bio Oil, is perfect for anyone who has even the slightest stretchmarks, pigmentation or old acne scaring, that they feel needs improving. As you may know, stretchmarks are either hereditary or caused from the increase and decrease of weight over time. I gained my stretchmarks from both, my hereditary gain is literally a copy of my mums stretchmarks, so in that we are twins. This oil is non sticky, easy to use and smells baby fresh. For best results, use day and night over 3 months.

Dry Skin | Gel, The gel is quite new on the market since 2018! If you suffer from dry skin, it would probably be more than likely the cause of the skin moisture, or any moisture products evaporating of the skin. Therefore drying out the skin and causing it to crack, flake and feel rough. Most moisture lotions contain 20% oil, wax or butters, all been okay for most up until now. But your best choice is the gel, which puts a layer of occlusive to lock in moisture in the skin. Keeping the skin smooth, soft and manageable.

Vegan Bio Oil How To Highly Effective Improve Stretchmarks, Pigmentation

Bio Oil | The Natural Formulation, this is great for pregnant woman that are concerned about using certain oils, that may aggravate the skin during pregnancy. The Natural Formulation works just as good as the original oil but with natural oils and will so the same at working to minimise scars and pigmentation.

Body Moisturising | Body Lotion unlike some other body lotions, this will not leave a greasy residue on your clothes. The Body lotion will still absorb into the skin with a high oil development, and leave an invisible silky layer on the skin. The skin will be left looking moisturised, healthy and glowing.

Bio Oil
Bio Oil
Bio Oil

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Do you use Bio Oil or maybe have experience with, old or new battle marks and scars?



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