5 Beauty New In Vegan Brands You Should Try

It feels like a while since I did a beauty new in, and especially from my subscription vegan beauty box (The Vegan Kind). Which I have been subscribed to for years now! Read on to see what is in this months issue!

5 Beauty Products To Own

GIVE IT LIFE WATERMELON MOISTURISER | Let’s start with the fact that the packaging is cool enough on its own. I love the grey packaging. A very sleek and light weight package indeed. I also love the unique lid that twist and locks, in a different kind of way, something you don’t see everyday. With an almost Kat Von D Goth like print font, printed in the background.

Just like the packaging this beauty face vegan moisturiser, is light weight and smells delicious with a watermelon scent. This face moisturiser will keep skin looking moisturised and refreshed. As you guys already know, I love my moisturisers or at least my skin loves my moisturisers, to be heavy and rich. As my skin drinks up, even the slightest of moisturiser put onto my body. So even though I do like this, I would probably use it along with another heavy base moisturiser. With natural ingredients, the watermelon moisturiser will prevent against premature aging and revive tired skin. @thefrostbeauty

5 Beauty New In Vegan Brands You Should Try

ALL NIGHT LONG calming sleep spray | I don’t usually have problems with getting to sleep, BUT when my cats repeatedly insist on keeping me jumping from my sleep throughout the night, with the occasional chasing each other through the night marathon. Boy do I need something natural and un-invasive, to help me drift off back to sleep. And this “All Night Long, Calming Sleep Spray” does just the trick. With it’s notes of rose water, lemongrass, ylang, ylang flower oil to name a few, smell gorgeous. @bloomandbloossom

5 Beauty New In Vegan Brands You Should Try

NOURISH HAIR MASK | Just like my skin, my hair needs all the moisture it can get and with the nourish hair mask, my hair does get most of it. As my hair requires a lot of moisture. Personally this helps my hair 60%, because of its high natural vegan oil content that being coconut oil. You can’t get anymore vegan than that. The nourish hair mask is full of potassium and antioxidants from the coconut water, which gives deep moisture to the hair strands. @vitacocoeu

5 Beauty New In Vegan Brands You Should Try

COMPLEXION SPONG | I haven’t used a complexion sponge in ages not because I don’t like them. But it is a case of what I can grab at the time. I really do love a sponge, the way it can create a flawless, almost airbrush like finish. And like this sponge, it is so easy to use for a better blend and fuss free finish.

It is soft and flake resistant too. For a full coverage look, use the sponge dry and for a dewy goddess look use the sponge wet. For the largest areas of the face use the large part of the sponge and the soft point for the smallest areas, and to cover those imperfections. So easy to clean too, I like to use unscented soap, then allow to air dry. .@soecobrushes

5 Beauty New In Vegan Brands You Should Try

MINI SOLID DEODORANT IN RUSTICA | Deodorants have really reinvented themselves over the last couple of years. Going from liquid to creams and solid bars. I am always up for trying something new in a product, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this little gem. This solid deodorant smells gorgeous with scents of Lime, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus, with Jojoba and sweet almond oil for silky smooth under arms.

The Botanica version is scented with Lavender, and Vanilla, with Jojoba and sweet Almond oil, for the same smooth silky under arm effect. I haven’t experienced any white transfer to my clothes. We are always going to sweat, unless you are Prince Andrews (lol), the magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide and bamboo, which absorbs 200% of its own weight in sweat and oil, will keep your sweat and smell away. @ethiqueworld

5 Beauty New In Vegan Brands You Should Try

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Have you tried any vegan beauty, if so which brand.



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