101 Hair Food Ultimate Blends Garnier, What’s All The Hype About?

Hair Food, Vegan Ultimate Blends Garnier, is still very much riding the hype train amongst hair enthusiast. The Hair Food ultimate range is suited for all hair types Afro, Caucasian and Asian. And continues to flying off the shelves and into consumers bathrooms and here’s why.

Vegan Hair Food Stay In Conditioner

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101 Hair Food Ultimate Blends Garnier, What's All The Hype About?

Is it Vegan?

Yes it is! And cruelty free too. With a vegan formula too, the hair food does not contain any animal by products or derived from animal ingredients. Instead the ingredients are packed with natural ingredients such as Olea Europaea fruit oil, Olive fruit oil, Musa Paradisiaca fruit juice, Banana fruit juice, Soja / Soybean oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis leaf extract, Avocado oil, Shea butter to name a few. These are the ingredients in my Banana and Shea Butter Hair Food, pictured in these photos.

101 Hair Food Ultimate Blends Garnier, What's All The Hype About?

Which Hair Food Is Right For Me?

If you didn’t already know, the Garnier hair food range comes in 5 different hair treatments. And since it’s release, Garnier has extended more on the range. The range now comes in a set of shampoos, conditioners as well as the hair cremes.

The hair set in Garnier BANANA SHEA, which I used in these photos is the Intensive nourishing Hair Treatment. It is great for dry and almost out of control hair, aka mine. This one is great as a mask for a rinse out or a leave in conditioner, like a lot of them to be honest. As a leave in, it leaves my hair soft and manageable. My hair gets really dry pretty fast, so I’m dipping in this pretty much every other day!

The Garnier ALOE VERA moisturise normal dry hair up to 4 x the shine. I haven’t used this one as yet but I am contemplating giving it a try.

PAPAYA and ALMA, is perfect for anyone with hair that is in need of repair. Maybe your hair needs help from chemical damage. Or everyday damage from over use of heat and styling. This one is a personal use of mine.

Smells as good as it sounds, Garnier COCONUT AND MACADAMIA, perfect for smoothing the hair. Great for the curly girl method for frizzy and unruly hair.

If you colour your hair, this would be best. A colour illuminator with the GOJI and SOY, should help against the fading of your hair dye.

I feel as though this is a new one, WATERMELON and POMEGRANATE plumping for those with fine hair. As with all the others, this is also a 3 in 1. This one claims to add plump and a boost to fine hair. I had no idea watermelon could add such benefits to ones hair!

101 Hair Food Ultimate Blends Garnier, What's All The Hype About?

Is It Worth Your Investment?

Yes, it is definitely worth trying. At such an affordable price you couldn’t go wrong. As with most things, It is always best to try the products for a minimum of three months consistently, before making and coming to a fair judgement. Like most things it is always a trail and hopefully no error. Why not go the whole yard and try out the full range, being the shampoo, conditioner and hair creme for the full on effect. Remember to choose what you think your hair needs.

Really look and feel the texture of your hair, to determine the needs of your hair. You might feel you actually need one, two or maybe three from the range. I am currently in use of two, the Papaya and Alma and the Banana and Shea.

Have you read the last post?

Have you got anything from the hair food Garnier range? If so what?



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