Valentines 2023, Lust or Love Which Matters To You?

It’s less than a week to go for the all annual Valentines Day! If you haven’t got a gift as of yet, check out my brand Where I Glow for scented Soy natural Candles and Wax Melts, just saying. Side note these pics were taken last year April on my iPhone in Wisteria season! (long vine purple plant) great for a Valentines post. Now back to the title of this blog post.

What is the difference?

The definition of Lust, is to have strong sexual desires for someone. A lot of red blooded people this Valentines. Most of us lust after a person before possibly falling in Love. For some the love part never comes. Or they are not the sort of person whom likes commitment, therefore it is just a game of a continuous lust fest over and over again, to feel the thrill and chase of the excitement. Resulting in a short term pleasure and obsession, kind of when you were a kid and had every boy or girl band poster on your bedroom wall, eh?

This Valentines, maybe you will be reaching out to someone you have lusted over for a while and have been too coy to approach them? Maybe this will be your year?

To be in Lust just results in literally liking someone, solely for their appearance, unless you want to take it to the next committing stage, this also includes getting to know them, on a deeper level. This can also result in having flings and a lot of meaningless sex.

This really is a short lived thing, that does raise the body temperature, increase heart rate, has you concentrating on nothing else but that person, including wild and wet dreams filled with fantasies and can be very fun and flirtatious. Just be safe and cautious because falling in Lust is not for the faint hearted. Hearts can be broken, especially if one part wants more of a committing relationship, and the other is in it only for the pure rush.

In the words of Britney Spears “Oh, baby, baby, how was I suppose to know?”

Lust or Love

The definition of Love, is to have a deep affection and interest. Someone you can see yourself sharing the rest of your life with, and for some even marry. Although there are now a lot more people, aka myself who has been with someone for many, many, many years and are not married. Because that is okay too, remember we make up our own rules, not societies.

Love to me means, to be able to talk to that special person about the good, bad and ugly times in our lives. To be able to share our troubles without judgement. Having someone to share the funny things you’ve encountered in your day. Splitting the bill on Valentines lol. Having that special person to wake up to and go to sleep, night after night. Growing old together, seeing all the changes the greys and all. Feeling scared at the prospect of not having them in your life. Reflecting back on the fun times and appreciating every moment you have on this planet with them. Being each others life support, physically, mentally and emotionally.

So yeah, I’ll happily choose Love over Lust any day of the week. I love being in love and my relationship isn’t perfect, nor is it meant to be. But the feeling of love gets stronger and stronger with each day. In fact it’ll be 20 years next year!

Happy Valentines

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