Happy Lucky Girl Syndrome 2023, new Law of Attraction?

Lucky Girl Syndrome, is a trending topic among young millennials on TikTok. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a borderline millennial and I’m not going to lie but when I saw it on Instagram first, I literally eye rolled and sighed, mainly because I am old school and it doesn’t take much for me to eye roll these days to things, that have been updated or replaced, in this new world / society which we all now live in.

This new terminology for some if not most of us, has heard of before. Something that has been out there for years if not centuries. You know that famous book that everyone from Influencer, the Rich and Entrepreneur has claimed to have got them to where they wanted and are now.

Lucky Girl Syndrome?

So what is Lucky Girl syndrome and can anyone get in on it? The definition of a Lucky Girl syndrome is to have a positive mind set. That is very easy to imagine for those that want it or is it? But how do we get it and is it as easy as 1,2,3,A,B,C? The belief is that you will get whatever you set your mind too. If you want a successful life then you will get it, with just having a positive mindset.

Law of Attraction

Now, I think this is a topic that most of us has, heard of before. We all know the book, “The Secret” and basically it goes on to explain, that attracting what you want has been a time old, ancient act that has been practiced by many from the successful celebrities we all know and love, from Oprah Winfrey to Denzel Washington and others.

Some influences have said, reading The Secret has been a massive contribution to their online success. Influencers that wanted a large social media following and by thinking about it, brought it into existence from the universe. People that create mood boards for their wants and desires, do this to help the process of bringing what they want into existence.

The Truth

It takes a lot more than having just a positive mindset, creating mood boards and speaking to the universe. Relying on the Universe or buying into the books and watching countless YT videos, to learn how to gain access to this Lucky Girl Syndrome, well the truth is, you can write down as many goals as you want but unless you are willing to put into action for the things you want to achieve, the real truth is, it just isn’t going to happen.

Do you think Kylie Jenner has built an empire built on the Lucky Girl syndrome?

Happy Lucky Girl Syndrome 2023, new Law of Attraction?

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