Claw Clip 90’s Beauty IT Hair Accessory Of The Year

The 90’s Claw Clip hair accessory, is still the IT hair accessory of the year, according to the magazines and Instagram feeds of thousands if not millions, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. So what is a girl of a certain age (cough*) to do…

Claw Clip | 90’S IT Girl

Jump the hell onto this trending bandwagon, that’s what. And to be honest it’s mind blowing to me because I’ve never been the one to follow trends. Nor was a lover of accessories let alone a hair accessory, but the 90’s Claw Clip has got me feeling all nostalgic, and it’s like one of those things. Once you see the Claw Clip, then you see it everywhere!

The 90’s Claw though, has been slightly reinvented and looks great. You can get them in Neon colours, transparent, tortoiseshell, your classics in black and white. They also come in silver, gold lines, pearls and gems, neutral tones, suede, fabric and there is now more choice for different hair lengths, thickness and textures too.

Claw Clip 90's Beauty IT Hair Accessory Of The Year

Mini | Small

A great choice for those with a short bob or cropped hair, that can style their hair in a way to hold just a section up. It can look super sweet and chic at the same time, while staying on trend, or most importantly just to add something to your look. the mini clip can even be used on very long hair, again just to tease a bit of hair out of the way, for those that like the trend but don’t want to fully invest in a large claw.

Medium | Large

Like the ones pictured here by yours truly. These sizes work for the amount of hair I have which is medium length and and thickness afro, in plaits and twist.

Claw Clip 90's Beauty IT Hair Accessory Of The Year

Afro Hair

Yes, yes and yes. I know that the claw looks great with all these different, non afro girl hair styles. BUT, it doesn’t mean we can’t rock the trend too eh? I found mine easy to wear with my afro styled into plaits and twist. Not only does this style compact the afro, but is a great protective style from harsh weather and usual wear and tear on the pillow at night. It also makes sense to wear this trend with plaits or twist as the afro can be quite thick for the claw to even grip around!

As you’ve seen I’ve become quite obsessed and bought, probably way too many, what do you think? Lol.

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