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So it is finally Spring and Hayfever season too. As much as I love Spring, I can not bare the allergic friends and symptoms it brings with it. Surviving Spring as we know it, isn’t just for new born lambs, baby chicks, Easter eggs and hot-cross sticky buns but all the symptoms of a hayfever. Being in isolation is probably not the only thing getting on your nerves this season, so what do you do? And how do you know if you are a fellow hayfever sufferer?

I must say though the Spring weather has been giving me all the positive feelings right now, despite trying to survive my hayfever, Spring has got me digging through my make up stash. Some more than a couple of years old, yeah I know. I don’t wear make up all the time especially for work. So I find that I don’t get through it quick enough before the use by date. And I don’t really like the idea of throwing it away.

Simple Spring Neutral Eye Makeup for hayfever


So I mentioned I had been playing with my makeup stash, on and off for a week. And by the end of the week I noticed rashes all over my face, thank goodness it was and is mild. It took me a while to rule out any foul play with the makeup products I had been using but then realised it was more than likely the symptoms of hayfever. I am lucky my rash are small light bumps, mainly on my cheeks and not very visible. It is known in other cases the rash can look or resemble hives.

Simple Spring Neutral Eye Makeup for hayfever


Nothing as deadly as the film “The Happening” If you’ve seen the film then you know. Still silent but not as deadly. Four categories dust mites, fur from house pets, mold spores and pollen are all airborne allergens but the number one silent attacker is POLLEN. There are 200+ airborne allergens from those four different categories. Did you know there are indoor and outdoor allergies?

So trying to pin point the exact cause of your hayfever may be a bit tricky but narrowing it down to the pollen, can be and most likely is triggered by the pollen carried through the air by innocent pretty by standing plants. Straight from the meadows or a new flower bed put down by your neighbour. It does not matter it will attack in the same way.

Simple Spring Neutral Eye Makeup for hayfever


Next to slightly lizard effect skin, what can be more annoying errr, itchy nose, skin, mouth and eyes. I have had itchy eyes and skin which can be further aggravated by rubbing the eyes, nose and just breathing in general as the pollen is in the air.

Simple Spring Neutral Eye Makeup for hayfever


  • Running noses, Dry inside noses, nasal congestion, Sinus Pressure
Simple Spring Neutral Eye Makeup for hayfever


As you guys know I am not a doctor, so it is just advice I have been giving here. I have been taking over the counter hayfever allergens tablets. I have been taking these for just under a week now and it has cleared my skin from allergy rashes. I just took these for my hayfever symptoms to test it out. So I am very surprised to find out that is my new suffer in life. Hayfever tablets can be a bit pricey but there are cheaper alternatives. Which I will be purchasing next time from a recommendation of a close family.

For extra help on hayfever symptoms and allergies. Aloe Vera can also help with rashes and is very cool and soothing.

So are you a fellow hayfever sufferer too? If so what are your symptoms?

As always let me know in the comments below : )



Simple Spring Neutral Eye Makeup for hayfever

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