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Feeling lonely whilst in self isolation? believe me your not alone! For the first time, I can actually agree with the news that we ARE all in this together. This is an epic pandemic event that will be remembered for years and years to come.

Noting like WWI and WWII but I am sure you will be telling your future grandchildren of that time you were on lockdown in self isolation, worried about where your next toilet roll was coming from. Why you should have probably stocked up on those cans of baked beans you were eyeing up, the week before being quarantined.

How you thought Christmas shopping was the worst kind of shop but actually queuing around the block for over an hour, to get into the shop is right up there with “I think I’m starting to loose my rag” But your in conflict with yourself for modelling the perfect citizen, verses this is all too much and I’m about to turn into the incredible Hulk.

floaty dress, balloons. birthday celebration in self isolation


Happy Birthday to me. Today is actually my birthday and like so many others since the lockdown every celebration has been on the, lowdown. I really feel for those that had planned Weddings, Christenings, Anniversaries and big mile stone Birthdays. It might be hard to try and pull of a Wedding or Christening celebration in self isolation quarantine but Anniversaries and Birthdays, now we’re talking…

Self isolation alone, with your Family, Pets or Plants. Your birthday doesn’t have to be boring. Order your usual party gear probably from Amazon, be extra, extra this time because of the unique situation. Decorate the place up like the Ritz if you wanna. Dress up like a Princess even include your pets in the dress up. Put on a full face, lashes, tiara, glitter and all. Not forgetting the food, drinks and music loud enough to P off your neighbours, so just like Pink “Get The Party Started!!! Because your birthday is only once a year. If you didn’t get a present remember to live in the present, that is the gift.

floaty dress, balloons. birthday celebration in self isolation


No time like the present. If you are tiered of baking, trying to learn that language for the third time, just can’t get into that book you have promised to read last year. Watch all you can on Netflix including the very popular Tiger King, if you haven’t seen it then you should (if you like weird).

After all your exploring and experimenting of other things in self isolation. Why not learn more about yourself. Meditate or learn about your family history. Do a new exercise or try yoga, see how far you can push your body to its limits. Roll your tongue, make it do the Mexican wave (not everyone can do it). Pamper yourself everyday, face mask, serums, self massage (even better if you can get someone else to do it). Learn a new dance routine, throw some shapes you’ve never done before. Make a TikTok account and get creative because that shiz is fun-ny.

floaty dress, balloons. birthday celebration in self isolation


As I have said before, this is a very unique time we are all in and sharing together, including us Key Workers (yep, I’m a key worker before being a Blogger) So why not make something to commemorate this time. Lets get crafty, if you are in the mood to learn something new, mark this time painting a picture, learn to knit, sew, make cards, do a massive puzzle and frame it, whatever it is just make it memorable whether your in self isolation with children or another adult.

floaty dress, balloons. birthday celebration in self isolation


Self isolation in quarantine has created a frenzy of banana bread baking. I love Banana Bread as much as the next person but why not try a different recipe. I found this VEGAN BLUEBERRY LEMON CHEESE CAKE on UK.Veganuary.com not just for January. Or why not try a VEGAN LEMON CHEESE CAKE. If you are in self isolation you can still bake and save the cake for the rest of the week if you can. In Self isolation with family? then get everyone involved.

lola birthday cake, balloons. birthday celebration in self isolation
lola birthday cake, balloons. birthday celebration in self isolation


To all you ravers or anyone who just loves to dance and miss that clubbing lifestyle, you don’t have to miss out raving or getting those good Friday or Saturday night vibes. There are quite a few live clubbing sessions on Instagram. I have currently been tuning into GOK WAN (UK TV presenter and DJ). Thousands tune in to get down to old school dance and house tunesss. It’s great for a real mood lifter!

floaty dress, balloons. birthday celebration in self isolation
floaty dress, balloons. birthday celebration in self isolation


The next time you’re thinking “what should I do now?, I am stuck for ideas, I’ve made and done everything under the sun”. Then why not go out in the sun, take a run, skip, jog or hop get those natural happy endorphins going. Get out and get some fresh air and de-stress in the company of Mother Nature.

How have you really been during self isolation quarantine?

Let me know in the comments below : )

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