Is Instagram killing your lifestyle?

OMG, where to start… oh yeah back in August 2015.  That would be around the same time, I started my blog and Instagram.  So I had looked through a few blogging books and at the time (I actually mean one) I remember the book giving advice to all new bloggers, about having social media platforms such as Instagram to share their blogs on.  If there is anything I remember from the book, it is to remember that (sharing is caring) and very beneficial for your blog.  Social media isn’t easy!

Primark – Coat, Marks & Spencer – Jumper, Fiorelli – Bag, Top Shop – Jeans and Belt, Matalan – Shoes, Monica Vinader – chain and pendant, Accessorize – Triangle earrings

Although I thought this was a great concept.  I didn’t think I was really ready to share myself personally across social media.  But what was I to be scared of?  I’ve already taken the big leap of faith to do a BLOG, right?

So from my understanding, Instagram is one of the biggest platforms a blogger could share their work.  In all honesty before blogging I had heard of Instagram before but was never interested in looking at people’s pictures.  I say look because I didn’t even know that following other people’s accounts was a thing as well.  Once I had set up my account I had felt very nervous.  Again, which is just stupid considering I’ve just set up a blog, where I post regular photos!

Welcome to Instagram.  Where everyone is your friend. Are they?

Finally navigating my way around other bloggers feeds on Instagram, I felt like yet again I had stepped into a whole other world, as if blogging wasn’t mind blowing enough.  I remember when I started Instagram the photos being posted, were let’s say (normal, everydayish situations) NOW the photos look like they have come out of a magazine in some cases.  Some people have said on Twitter (“not realistic or relative”)

I agree with some of it as the competition (or standard is getting more and more, showy).  As a result of this, a lot of Instagrammers and Bloggers are finding this a tedious task.  Posting on Instagram seems even more like a chore rather than, what It originally started out to be, FUN.

In the last two months Intagram has left me feeling drained.  Drained in the sense that, I kind of feel like I’m having to keep up (with the Joneses) If you know the phrase, you will understand.  If the competition isn’t there for the constant perfect photo.  Then it certainly is for those numbers, in the amount of followers right!

Don’t get me wrong, as a blogger I have high standards for my blog and the way I want it to look.  So it would make sense for me to have my Instagram pictures looking the best it can be.  Because everything should be in uniform.  You can definitely tell the difference in what looks like a professional Instagram feed, to the ones that look a lot less or just an ordinary day to day Instagram feed.

Instagram is a lovely way of getting inspiration for photo ideas, enjoying the muses of others everyday lifestyle and even seeing what your favourite brand is launching next.  Instagram can be a lovely past time, If you set aside time for it and don’t go over the time you’ve decided to spend on it.

Have you lost time on Instagram? How do your schedule your time using Instagram? Let me know in the comments below : )





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