True Expectations | Blogging Part Time

Yes, I have made it known before, at least I think I have, I would love, love, love to become a FULL TIME blogger!  The true expectations of a part time blogger, has become all too familiar with me.  I knew it was going to be tough but I didn’t know it was going to be this tough! And almost two years later it still very much is.  I am always running on that tread mill, week after week trying to play catch up, and often feeling really, really exhausted and deflated, whilst comparing myself to the full time bloggers and feeling a little down in my mood about how much content I can actually put out.  Being a part time blogger whilst doing a full time job has some serious reality checks with true expectations.

The thought of being self employed, for me IS the dream.  I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing.  I found my passion and now I just want to run with it straight into the rising sun, like some blissful dream.  And that’s just it; I don’t want it to be a dream.  I desperately want it to become a reality for me.  AS I have said before I have done many roles in the past and “quite frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”  I am finding it more and more difficult to go out to a mainstream job as my thoughts of becoming a full time blogger, have too far gone on the other side.

Blogging full time is literally all I think about.  It really has taken over my entire being.  Maybe I am being too ambitious, in trying to get out at least two blog post and since becoming a Youtuber (and loving every minute of that) two videos a week but having set myself goals to do that whilst doing a full time mainstream job, has really got me so tired and really drained, because the reality is me trying to keep my head above water, when it comes to blogging and I sometimes feel as though I’m drowning.

Since I have been blogging, I have changed the amount of times I post my content.  Obviously wanting to post more but for obvious reason in this post, I just can’t.  I am literally drowning in my own tears of sorrow for that much needed content I wish to put up.  Reasons I feel are my factors towards lack of more content ;

Reason one – I work full time as a Nursery Nurse.  I try to plan and fit my blogging task around my shifts but recently I’ve been really tired and find it tough to get into that blogging head space.  Because like everyone else I would love to just wind down in the evening.

Reason two – Home chores.  I could literally sit at my desk all day doing all things blogging and video creating.  In reality that just won’t do!  If I keep doing that NOTHING else would get done.  My home would become a pigsty and other home chores will just keep on mounting, arhhh!

Reason three – Playing catch up. Trying in vain to balance blogging between a mainstream work life, home chores and a social life, (it does include playing with the cats)

To keep myself sane and happy, at a rate I can put out content for my lifestyle commitments, I will currently be posting two blog post and one Youtube video a week.  I hope we can both be happy with that until, I can make it as a full time blogger.  My main goal right now is to make it as a full time blogger.  Not for what seems like a fancy lifestyle but because I feel it’s time I was my own boss.  Dancing to the beat of my own drum.

Are you a part time blogger? if so what are your true expectations?  I would love to know, let me know in the comments below : )

Thank you for reading.



  • Andrea

    I can totally relate to this! I would consider myself a part time blogger just because of the amount of time I put into blogging/YouTube. I’m not earning any money off of it lol, but it feels like more than just a “hobby”. But I’m also massively overwhelmed by my work trying to complete my PhD. I’m about to enter my last year and am writing my dissertation and getting read to start applying for jobs. I would love to post to my blog more than once a week, but between that and 3 videos a week on my YouTube channel it’s a lot. I don’t really have any answers but it’s so nice to hear someone else struggling with the same thing.

    • Thank you Andrea, it is bloody hard juggling a mainstream job and creating. Your doing very well cranking out a blog post a week and three vids (go on girl lol) good luck with you dissertation and job hunting. Thank you for commenting : ) xo

  • I want to blog part time too ,it must be hard when working full time

    • It is difficult most times but I love it. If you think anything is worth it you will fight for it. Thank you for commenting Betty : )

  • Alison Henry

    Appears fun with loads of benefits and I also hear that time management is very important – may consider part-time……