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I started a Scented, Soy Candle Business! Where I Glow and what better place to share with my readers, yes that’s you. I have spent the last 9 months grafting and literally putting my all into my brand, Where I Glow. Learning the trade to make quality candles. Every candle and wax melt I make is made with premium materials with vegan ingredients and is eco friendly too. My brand has a minimalist vibe and are all scented with the most premium popular scented choices, with some labels that can be personalised! Come over and say high.

With different scents, all to cheer, raise good vibrations and add a little comfort in yours or someone else home, my candles make great gifts.


Sometimes it is difficult to decide on a gift for loved ones or Friends, a simple gift to say a little thank you comes in many forms, like this one.


It’s someone’s Birthday somewhere! This is my favourite design to date, it’s too cute not to gift someone, right?


A gift for Christmas comes in many forms and this is one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas. What’s Christmas without the warming scent and glow from a Candle.


There is nothing like celebrating Autumn with a scented Candle, the warmer the scent the cosier the vibes, am I right. Fairy lights, warm blankets a hot chocolate (hot water bottle optional) and that Candle, yes please.


Okay, so my Candles may not look Halloween-ney but I still pay homage to the spooky night with, my Halloween mottos and quotes (did someone say Hocus Pocus). Also choose a scent that gives you Autumn / Halloween vibes.


Scented luxury candles from Where I Glow, done right! Sent in sturdy, eco friendly packaging, FREE delivery on all UK orders and next business day dispatch, I know you’ll love Where I Glow candles, from the moment you receive it.

This size candle is best used in medium to smaller rooms, to get the full benefit of the scent created.

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours. Post your pics and vids using our hashtag #whereiglownow


Wax melts are another great way to scent your home and create all kinds of feelings. A great way to try out a sample of any of our Candles.

The 48g/ 1.7oz Wax Melts come in a clamshell, solid bar form of 4 melts, to be popped out and into a Wax Melter. The clamshell is filled with a natural soy wax and premium fragrance oil. Each wax melt has up to 16 hours burn time. Watch as your Wax Melt, gently melts away creating a pretty pool of colour in your warmer. Whilst creating an atmosphere filled with warmth and joy with whichever scent you choose! Our Wax Melts are carefully packed by hand and shipped in a cute pink jiffy bag.



A fresh fruity floral fragrance with green fruity top notes
of strawberry, gardenia, violet, jasmine, woods and vanilla.


A clean, powerful, herbal scent of lavender enhanced
further by notes of camphor, eucalyptus, citrus and floral


A cosy, rich and sultry fragrance with a warm moroccan scent,
spicy cinnamon, vanilla pod, sandalwood, patchouli and ylang.


A sensuous floral chypre fragrance where delectable fruity top
notes of mandarin, red apple. Berry, freesia and ylang, patchouli,
sandalwood and incense.


A warm woody accord with notes of geranium, cedarwood,
sandalwood, myrrh, ylang and soft musks.


Is it Christmas already? cognac soaked mince pies, freshly baked
straight from the oven sweet apple and pear with the warmth of
cinnamon and clove, sugar and vanilla.


A family favourite for anyone with a sugar craving, chocolate orange
with a delicate vanilla base. A great halloween treat or stocking filler!


A sweet accord with notes of bergamot, orange, fig leaves & raspberry, lily of the valley,
candy floss, liquorice and strawberry, woods, powdery musk, vanilla and caramel.


A delicious scent of fresh dark raspberries and
vanilla cream with hints of apricots and lemon.


Get lost in the fruity aroma of blueberries, vanilla,
juicy peach and fresh crisp apples.


A very delicate scent of fruity meets floral with
this lychee and peony petals combo.


A tropical scent with a burst of freshly squeezed lime
and sweet notes of coconuts.


All of our candles are vegan, so why not have a label that expresses that love for veganism. Maybe you have a friend doing it for the animals or your celebration vegan life.


Size 226g/ 8oz Clear glass | White Gloss glass | Black matte glass / Bamboo Lid / Burn time 30 hours

Size 224g/ 7oz Grey matte glass / Silver Mirror like Lid / Burn Time 25 hours
Natural Vegan + Cruelty Free Soy Wax
Premium fragrance Oil Vegan + Cruelty Free
Best used in medium to smaller rooms, to get the full benefit of the scent created.
Candles are carefully packed by hand
You can reuse your glass candle for any other personal use, e.g. makeup brushes, pens a new small plant or just recycle.


Along with building on our affirmations comes with positivity, so why not spread that little reminder around the home for Family, Friends, Colleague or yourself. A reminder that you are enough little Star!


If your someone like me, who is always creating new affirmations for yourself, then this collection is great for you or as a gift. Let’s keep on building up our dreams with little reminders.

If you do buy a Candle, please post your pics and vids using our hashtag #whereiglownow, I really would love to see our Candles in your home.

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