Etsy Sellers 2022, Competitive Ways To Be A Millionaire Overnight

Hey how are you? So as you guys may or may not know, I started a little business “Where I Glow” on Etsy last month, on Friday the 13th to be exact. Daring I know. Where I Glow” is a Soy Candle business dedicated to my creative side. What do you think of the brand name?


Think of the biggest crafts Market you have ever seen or heard of. Well that is Etsy, an online specialised market place for small businesses that sell anything handmade and craft related. Etsy is a great place to support small businesses like “Where I Glow”. A wonderful place to possibly find something you may not find on the high street.


Months before launching my brand “Where I Glow”, for Candles, I heard a lot from other small creative businesses about selling on the great E platform. I heard all the hype from Facebook and YouTube and thought, this would be a perfect place to sell my Candles and Wax Melts.

I have heard and watch countless YT videos, on how to grow a business using the platform. Watched every creator giving the all important tips and tricks needed to grow a successful brand on the E platform. Feeling completely excited and inspired, I couldn’t wait to start selling my Candles to like minded people and gain brand awareness. Could I really?

Growing and by growing, I mean Marketing my own Candle brand has been no walk in the park. I know it is still very early days. And unlike Del Boy, do I think this time next year I’ll be a millionaire, probably not likely but you never know, not to be pessimistic. Did I really mean to be a millionaire over night! Err no. And let me tell you, you don’t become a Millionaire overnight by selling the one product either, because that is not smart business. Unless your just super lucky, like Lottery Winner, lucky.

Even if you wanted, to become a millionaire over night from your own business. It is important to know, as my Mum recently said to me “A business is like a seed, plant it, attend to it and watch it grow” And she isn’t wrong. I just have to be consistent in putting in the hard work and be patient!

The E platform is super competitive for any type of business, especially for my own brand, in making handmade Candles.


Before I started “Where I Glow” I would purchase the odd thing on Etsy. Mainly for gifts for what ever the occasion was at the time. It was a while back mind you, so I’m not quite sure what the item was. BUT more recently, I did purchase a beautiful trinket tray, which I’ll share in another post soon, I promise!

By buying on the E platform you will be helping a smaller business, in more ways than you realise. There is something so special in knowing you have contributed in another persons art and creativity. Knowing you have not yet again, bought something that is mass produced and something that many people will also be gifting or gifted. I’d much rather give a smaller business my money, having that personal interaction with the creator or owner. Than give my money to a multimillion company making products in masses for cheap quality, labour and increasing their carbon emissions.

If you buy from a smaller business and see the price first and think, “oh that’s a bit steep”. Most times it usually isn’t. The costing behind sourcing quality materials, tools, labour as well as shipping to create a sustainable brand and produce a quality product, is all for the thought of the customer. No business owner wants to sell shoddy products, right. And still expect a five star review?

I remember on one of my occasions of getting tattooed, there was a sign up that read “Good Tattoos Aren’t Cheap And Cheap Tattoos Aren’t Good” I guess the saying goes for buying a quality product or receiving a good service. Am I right?

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