How Affordable Jeans Denim Are Trending For Spring 2022

It is no surprise to me that Denim are in for Spring. Not because I thought it would be oh so predictable but oh so practical, and who doesn’t love wearing denim anyway?

If you aren’t wearing denim jeans for Spring, no loss. There are plenty of ways to wear denim for this season.

Denim and Jeans, there is a difference. I thought they were the same. Denim being the fabric and Jeans being the garment and so forth. You learn something new everyday! But you guys probably already knew that.

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A little denim birdie has it, that people are going gaga over wearing denim for Spring. But hey what’s new. This is the UK and you are probably guaranteed to see someone, wearing DJ in one of our four seasons.


I would recommend DJ to anyone. It is a fantastic garment that flatters most. It is a very versatile piece that is so very easy to style. I guess that is why it is loved by so many others. DJ don’t have to be too heavy in fabric, there are a lot of light ones now and In so many styles too. Mom, White, Wide Leg, Skinny, Dungarees, Crop not forgetting the Ripped jean look.


I blame The Anna Edit, I love her style so trust her when it comes to style, fashion and any related recommendations she has. I love the laid back girl next door look. The I made effort but I don’t want you to know, that I’ve made the effort. It is her love for D that has sparked mine. Sparked it in the sense that I probably get my jeans 99.9 percent of the time, from there. They are durable and worth the high street funds in my opinion. I love jeans in most styles including the one I’m wearing, a 70s style wide leg.

How Affordable Jeans Denim Are Trending For Spring 2022


If I am absolutely honest, I have only shown interest in Dungarees again, in the last year! I have tried to stay away from the look, as I felt it made me look even younger. But all that has changed now I know how to style it in different ways. A dungaree can be given a grown up look with a blazer over it, heels believe it or not. Some jewellery and makeup of course, not forgetting a cute handbag too!


Just like a faux leather jacket, a DJ will give you a 50s cool vibe, again in my opinion. I love how a DJ can make a look very sweet, for example over a summer dress and some cute sandals, in the day. And can be given an edgy look by adding some boots and some darker shades of colour for the night. Add a few cool tone metals for added measure.


In my last two post I wore a mini DS, did you see it? Another classic piece to have in the capsule wardrobe without a doubt. Again so easy to style. Pair with anything from trainers to sandals, ankle boots, knee high boots (like I did). Literally anything goes with this one. I like my DS to have a feature, so I opted for a hemmed fringe for that rock and roll vibe. I like clothes basic but also appreciate a little something different.


I love me a DS, keeping with the theme of how wearing D makes me feel. Wearing a DS makes me feel a little country girl. I don’t think you can own a shirt and it not be a D one. Or that could just be me? I love them in classic blue, black and white or cream for Spring or Summer. I wouldn’t dare with either of those colour palettes with fear of getting it dirty seconds within trying it on. I would pair a DS with delicate simple jewellery or go in at all bold.

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How Affordable Jeans Denim Are Trending For Spring 2022

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