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It’s September, wholly molly! Fashion is to never go away, along with our fave new in beauty and the odd gadgets along the way. If you weren’t able to catch up on the blog last month. Here’s what has been going on over on Juanita Likes. A few (ad) collaborations, a bit of summer finally. Fashion jewellery and gadget upgrade. It’s been a great month!

Post contains affiliate links and a giveaway with CariPro!

Fashion To Beauty To Gadgets

fashion, t-shirt and shorts summer sale matalan

Summer Sale?!?!

If you have been confused by the Summer in the UK. Then chances are, so have I. The last weeks have left us playing one leg in and one leg out with our Summer fashion wardrobe. And ironically as I post this today. It is piping hot out there at 28 degrees (sweating and not in a good way), the summer is giving us one last blast before really cooling down to Autumn/ Fall temperatures. So before the leaves all touch the ground and turn into those beautiful cooper brown tones. Maybe get yourself a few last fashion Summer wardrobe bits, you never know what you may need for next Summer.

fashion, bananas good for periods

Periods and Flo Health

This is one of my favourite post I have done to date. If I didn’t respect my menstrual cycle before, then I do now. It is amazing what female bodies can do. Periods are a big subject and so complicated at times. I use the Flow Health app to log my periods and I get updates on what my body may be experiencing during my menstrual cycle.

As well as loads more relevant information. I don’t know where I would be without it. I equally loved the photoshoot concept I created for this. Confused by the banana on my head, don’t be. Bananas are a great source for magnesium which is lost during your periods. Can boost happiness, sugar levels and prevent diarrhoea, which can be common during periods. as if we didn’t have enough to deal with.

fashion, 5 Vegan Kind Beauty Feel Good Products

5 Vegan Beauty Feel Goods

Oh wow, so remember when I said I will give you an update on this mascara. Well this is that update. For almost every occasion, I have been using this at every opportunity. It makes my eyelashes pop up, look jet black, holds a lift and looks full. It didn’t cause my eyes to water which is great, because I swear my eyes are way too sensitive. A definite firm favourite for me. Oh and yes one of 5 brilliant vegan products, from this post.

Fashion, 1 Sustainable Watch For Everyday Special Effortless Chic

Sustainable Watch Swedish Brand (ad)

This brand must have read my mind, As I was in search of a new watch fashion accessory, to add to my growing collection. And I couldn’t pass up the chance to work with *Nordgreen. Who kindly gave my readers a discount code juanita for 15% off and another discount code juanitafs for a free strap at checkout, On any watch of your choice on their site. All their packaging is sustainable, they do vegan faux leather fashion straps and give so much back to the planet and communities.

fashion, Electric Toothbrush For Teeth Whitening And Best Health Benefits

CariPro Electric ToothBrush (ad)

A gadget upgrade, I didn’t know I needed. I’ve been using the CariPro Electric Toothbrush day and night, toggling between the 5 different settings. Smile Brilliant collaborated with me again on this, to host a giveaway for my readers, which ends on the 11th September click here to enter. Or click here for 20% off with my code juanitalikes. My last post with Smile Brilliant was the whitening teeth guards, which I still use!

Have you read my last post?

What have you been up to in the last month?



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