Photowall 1000 + Beautiful Inexpensive Art Poster For Your Home Improvements

Just when I thought this year couldn’t get any better for blog collaborations, again I was contacted by Photowall, who kindly reminded me we worked together,

Earlier this year and wanted to do so again. I jumped at the chance as I know how many beautiful art poster, canvas, and wallpapers they have in their collection.

This post is Sponsored and all opinions are my own, with a 25% discount on any item on Photowall site, details at the bottom of this post


If you didn’t read my last collaboration with Photowall, then a little bit about the brand is in order. Firstly I think they are fast becoming my favourite brand for my fix of go to art poster. And maybe in the future a featured wall paper too! Photowall are a Swedish brand that specialise in beautiful home prints, in the form of art poster, wallpapers, canvas and all art work is made in Sweden.

Photowall believe that your home tells a story of who you are and it reflects your personality. Your home is where you feel safe and spend most of your time, aside work. It should be a place that you would want to come back to, the walls should reflect how you feel. And nothing screams style than a new wall art! And I couldn’t agree more.

Photowall 1000 + Beautiful Inexpensive Art Poster For Your Home Improvements
Photowall 1000 + Beautiful Inexpensive Art Poster For Your Home Improvements

Poster Destination

Amongst all the beautiful patterns and designs, why did I chose a poster with hot air balloons? Well, when I was choosing a new picture I always kind of knew, it would be a picture that would resemble nature. It had to be striking, it had to stand out. It had to draw the viewer in and keep them capsulated and transport them into another world, or a slight flirtation away from their current moment in time.

I always wanted a picture of nature, as you may know I love nature. And I am a sucker for any picture that resembles nature, at its best. That could be the sea, sky, forest or totally out of this world, the galaxy. Sure I love a good quote as much as the next person but there is something about our natural world, that just takes my breath away.

Photowall 1000 + Beautiful Inexpensive Art Poster For Your Home Improvements
Photowall 1000 + Beautiful Inexpensive Art Poster For Your Home Improvements


Cappadocia is the capital of hot air balloon city, in Turkey. I myself have not been and if I had a bucket list. You bet your sweet arse, this place would be on it! I have seen this beautiful place spread all over Instagram over the years, circa before the pandemic took over everything. And I remember just looking at the pictures in awe. It seemed every creator and her camera was out there.

I did not chose this stunning photo for those reasons, and to be honest I completely forgot the connection between the two. I chose this picture because firstly, of the gold golden hour. So gorgeous, I feel a golden hour can make everything so much better and everything and everywhere stunning.

The architecture, I guess it is the geek in me but I love the design of buildings, especially old ones. So this picture ticked all the boxes for me on that front. The landscape that just stretches for miles and miles and miles of mountains upon mountains, as far as the eyes can see. I never tier of seeing a good landscape.

And lastly but not least, the hot air balloons. I never thought I would own a picture with hot air balloons, but here we are. I just simply thought, the hot air balloons up in the sky during golden hour, among the landscape and the architecture just looked stunning. So it did take my breath away and therefore I had to get it.

I chose this picture as a art poster because I knew, it would look stunning in a frame. There is something about the art poster being framed in black with a glossy glass over it, that brings the art poster to life. This art poster also comes in a canvas and wallpaper.


Photowall have kindly given my readers a 25% discount with code juanitalikesii25, on any of their complete selection for two months, ends November 2nd! If you would love to update your beautiful home or want to start a feature wall, or even design your own art gallery then click here.

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Do you own any wall art? If so why?



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