Fashion How To Controversial, Sustainable, Slow, Balanced For 2021

Summer Fashion, still being slung from this corner of the world wide web in the UK. That is at least for the next week or two. There is no doubt that the Autumn cosy knit fashion, will be creeping it’s way onto on screens and into our wardrobes. So until then, I present to you my Summer Fashion dress for the month of August 2021.

Fashion That Is Sustainable?

Fashion How To Controversial, Sustainable, Slow, Balanced For 2021

I personally think sustainable style has been on the rise, across social media in the last year or two. Especially during the pandemic. I am not even sure if the pandemic, may have started the talk of sustainable fashion. During the pandemic with a lot of people being made furlough or worst, redundant. A lot of people have been keeping their purse or wallet strings tight. And with good reason too. Having to keep hold of every money earnt and saved for a better or more worthy reason to spend.

The last thing anyone or maybe even yourself has on mind, is when the next bag or shoes is coming from. I know that last year, I spent little on new clothes, and juggled whatever was in my wardrobe. Hence why a capsule wardrobe is the best thing, you could do for your wallet or purse and for the environment.

Fashion How To Controversial, Sustainable, Slow, Balanced For 2021


To be fashionably sustainable means, to be more aware of how and where your clothes choices are created or sourced. Many ethical and sustainable brands use, recyclables in their pieces. Or create their pieces using natural resources. It also means paying a fair wage to those who make our clothes. A lot more people are being made aware of this. Including giant magazines like Cosmopolitan. As I said earlier more and more people are joining the sustainability movement and I’m trying my best to join them, one piece at a time.

You only have to look to Instagram, to see most influential creators, sharing the latest sustainable clothing brands they have come across. Even the UK news paper, “The Guardian” did an article on “10 Ethical Fashion Brands” Of which included the UK Brighton born brand Lucy and Yak, whom do really cool boiler suites and dungarees in different colours and patterns and most things inbetween.

Fashion How To Controversial, Sustainable, Slow, Balanced For 2021
Fashion How To Controversial, Sustainable, Slow, Balanced For 2021

Slow Style Meets Capsule Wardrobe

As far as I’m concerned these two words go hand in hand. Slow and capsule. It makes perfect sense to me, to help the reduction of mass production of clothes. Is to reuse what I have in my wardrobe. How can this be done, you might ask. Well the key part to this, is to buy into quality pieces. That are well made, that you know you will get use out of time and time again. That is the whole point of a capsule wardrobe. Which might I add I am still building on.

I know sometimes it is hard when you look into your wardrobe and it appears you don’t own much. But it really is about having those key pieces to mix and match. Those basic bitch items, that we all need once in a while.

This may be a little tricky for those, that are always on the look out for that stand out piece, in every new style season. The point is to choose pieces that will stand the test of time. I’m not a complete bore, everything in moderation, mix it up a little bit. If you do see that one item or two, that isn’t sustainably made and you know it won’t come back around again in the next 10 years. Then by all means, get it.

Fashion How To Controversial, Sustainable, Slow, Balanced For 2021
Fashion How To Controversial, Sustainable, Slow, Balanced For 2021

Should You Shop In Charities

Well this is another theme that runs through Instagram. Creators that think and buy sustainable, are bound to pop into a charity shop or two…Right? Well of course, most actually do. I know for some, the mere thought of shopping for charity clothes, is controversial but you do you. In America, I believe to shop for second hand clothes, is to go thrifting. Am I right? And there is nothing wrong with that. I myself would love to buy a few pre owned items. But I do draw the line at shoes and underwear! Lol, that just isn’t my thing but hats off to you if it is.

Want to see what I did in August?

Are you into sustainable fashion? Do you think to wear sustainable is controversial? Or do you like to keep your style choices balanced?



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