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Waking up on a Sunday morning, I looked over to my boyfriend and asked him what we should do that day.  As always, his answer is “whatever you want to do”.  Which can be annoying at times as I would like some input now and again.  So living the plant based diet and slowly having the boyfriend change his eating habits too.  I choose for us to have brunch at Black Cat. Black Cat Café was a another great recommendation from my sister, whom is also vegan.

So after having a shower, a quick cup of tea with a slice of toast to kill the hunger games in our bellies, we headed over to East London aka Hackney.  We always end up leaving late, as I’m always dragging my feet and taking forever and a day to apply my make up for the day.  So buy the time we leave for breakfast, breakfast turns into Brunch.

An hour or so later we arrived in a very busy urban Hackney.  But having said that Black Cat is actually tucked away on the corner amongst a residential area.  I opened the door to a very buzzing, happening, cool vibes atmospheric Black Cat café.  It was so jammed packed which was and usually is a good sign.  So after shuffling a couple of steps into the Black Cat café we quickly grabbed a available table.  Which we couldn’t have been more grateful for as we were both very hungry.  I guess the hunger games got the better of us, as that slice of toast just weren’t cutting it.

The Black Cat café offers wholesome Eco friendly food, so eating there made me feel guilt free for all the vegan milkshake we consumed.  Which is always a good thing!

I think it was close to 13:00 pm in the afternoon, when our hunger was high and the food had arrived.  I was so hungry I ordered the English Breakfast.  My plate consisted of Tofu made to look like (scrambled egg), bake beans, mushrooms, roast potatoe squares, egg free pancake and meat free sausage and bacon.  All was absolutely delicious (cue the emoji tongue hanging out).  My Boyfriend ordered the Garden salad Black beans, Seaweed made to look like (tuna) , black wild rice, guacamole, lettuce, juicy tomatoes and cool cucumber.  Which he found really refreshing. very greedily we both topped off our meals with dairy free cocoa and strawberry milkshakes, can I get an Amen.

Shamelessly walking out of the Black Cat café happy and grateful, for being able to spend another great time together.

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