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Firstly I had no idea how many photos were taken.  So this post has rather turned into a splendid photo diary, so enjoy!

If there is one thing you should do in your life time.  It should be to visit an animal sanctuary, Hugletts Wood Farm! to be exact.  There is always a sense of peace and unity with the world, when one visits such a place.  I have never been to an animal sanctuary until a few weeks back in July.  Growing up, the only places I thought you could visit animals, was the Regents Park London Zoo and the wild.  Like on a wild desert yellow landscape Safari or, in the deep of a deep green with tropical colourful flowers and the humidity, mist of a rain forest in the Amazon.  Lord knows it is not in my budget to visit either place.

So if your looking for those kind of photos then sorry, wrong blog.

Here you will find my humble photos of my time at this wonder sanctuary, that is HUGLETTS WOOD FARM.  I have always been a massive fan of animals and that has not changed.  If anything it has increased even more since I have become Vegan.  Five years and counting!  Being Vegan was my choice and is my way of life, from food, drinks, fashion and beauty.  It is my LIFESTYLE.

Hugletts Wood Farm, is in the heart of East Sussex in the UK, and is owned by Wenda and Matthew a beautiful couple.  Such a beautiful green surrounding, with stunning large homes and equally cute little cottage houses.  The purpose of Hugletts Wood Farm is to house farm animals, that are not fit for food (as sad as that sounds).  The beautiful people of Hugletts Wood Farm SAVE these animals from the meat and dairy industry and so – called country sports.  To live out their days in the Sanctuary as peaceful and happy as can be, around the devoted love and care of Vegan humans.

By law these poor animals have to be tagged.

Most of the animals have their own name.  Bruce being the head of the Cow herd, meeting him and the rest of his family (Malcolm, totally loving all the attention and hugs, such a diva), on a Cow walk was an absolute honour!  I also especially enjoyed sitting amongst the sheep and learning about their lives and how they came to be residents of Hugletts Wood Farm Sanctuary.  When the animals come to their end of life, on their own terms.  They can be assured to receive high quality palliative care 24/7.  The Sanctuary also care for special needs animals, all are treated as individuals, fairly and equally.

Hugletts Wood Farm Sanctuary fund themselves, and are open to the public certain times of the year.  Each visitation consist of a certain amount of people.  I find this makes the day more special and exclusive.  Hugletts also have a stall at VEG FEST LONDON (I so can not wait!!!, my FOURTH year in a row), where they share the existence and love for their animal family, of Hugletts Wood Farm Sanctuary and sell beautiful photos of the residents.

Just for fun, what’s your favourite farm animal?


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