Admit Black Lives Matter, Diversity Who Cares?

I am so proud and overwhelmed by the Black Lives Matter movement, it is so huge right now the turnout is amazing. We are only half through the year and so much has changed already. Irradiate the intolerance towards black people FOREVER is what I would love to see in my lifetime. I mean it’s freaking 2020!!!

Everyday we as black people are made to feel less than adequate against other races, no matter the beautiful shades we come in and quite honestly it is exhausting. Young children do not see colour they see the person, how beautiful is that!

I want to be seen for being me not the colour of my skin or how coarse my hair is. My name is Natoya and this is me, BLACK OR BROWN, Coarse hair or not unapoligially beautiful in my skin!

Admit Black Lives Matter, Diversity Who Cares?


How did we get here? Well amongst many centuries of vile abuse, slavery, unjust behaviour and many more unfair treatment, which still continues today. On the 25th of May 2020 George Floyd a black man was handcuffed, pinned to the street face down and had the arresting officer Derek Chauvin kneel on his neck for 9 minutes, until George fell unconscious and ultimately died.

All while George pleaded for his life and said “I CAN’T BREATH” while other officers stood by and did absolutely nothing. Also adding to the slaughter of a man, whom was arrested in the first place for purchasing a pack of cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill, which he may or may not have known was counterfeit. Just to make things clear, George Floyd did not lose his life because of the $20 bill that was counterfeit but because he was a black man. Disgusting.

Admit Black Lives Matter, Diversity Who Cares?


Black people we having been waiting for a moment like this forever and I mean forever and a day. The Black Lives Matter movement and protest has been a long time coming and could not have come soon enough. Our people are all across the world in the streets protesting for our rights as black people to be as equal with our fellow races. Now is the time for change. Enough really is enough. Yesterday 07th June 2020, Black Lives Matter protesters in Bristol in the UK toppled over a statue of a 17th Century slave trader as part of the demonstration.

Admit Black Lives Matter, Diversity Who Cares?


As a Blogger I want brands to be more diverse, approach me for me, not to add me as a token to make an uneven balance for a product launch or event. BRANDS DO BETTER! in light of the Black Lives Matter, please let this be an awakening for most if not all. Include black people in brand campaigns or sponsorship’s if it is appropriate. Don’t send us generic makeup for us to try or test out, knowing full well the product is more suited for white skin tones. How about contacting the black content creator and asking them for their preferences.

It is a sad truth that the darkest and any real diverse foundation shades for black people, have only been available in the last 3 years. I remember as a teenager in the mid 90’s there was no representation for black makeup in drugstores. And the foundations that were slightly available for black skin (slightly on the account, shades did not match any brown tones and looked ashy) were being sold in department stores at crazy prices.

Well thank goodness for Rihanna and her makeup brand FENTY BEAUTY. Yeah sure there were makeup brands with some foundation for black skin BUT and it is a big but, Rihanna started something in the beauty industry to make most brands now suddenly stand up and take note to create a wide range of shades for black skin tones.

Admit Black Lives Matter, Diversity Who Cares?
Admit Black Lives Matter, Diversity Who Cares?


Are hair in braids or plaits is not a trend. It is our way of life. Are full lips, thick arse and thighs are not a trend. It is our genetic makeup. We are more than your entertainment. More than Rappers, Jazz musicians, Comedians, Actors and Actresses or great dancers. We are also Accountants, Architects, Authors, Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Teachers smart and intelligent people so much more. Black Lives Matter we are not a trend.

How do you really feel about the Black Lives Matter movement?

Does the Black Lives Matter Movement inspire you for change or make you feel unsettled?

As always let me know in the comments below : )

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