A Fresh New Start | 2018 Resolutions

Well it’s 2018 and you know what that means…new years comes with new years resolutions (at least for some).  I’ve never been a fan of making new years resolutions.  To be honest as lazy as it sounds, the thought of making any new years resolutions sounds like a chore.  I know I’m being a defeatist before I’ve even begun.  It’s just that a lot of people get all excited about writing a list of things to achieve, and there is nothing wrong with doing so.  But then really beat on themselves for not achieving these goals before we even reach at least half of the year.  Setting goals or achievements for the year ahead is one thing but do yourself a favour and set realistic targets.

My 5 new years resolutions may be small to most but meaningful to me, so lets go…

1. – Be nice to the Boyfriend, my Boyfriend.  We have been together longer than most Millennials marriages.  I know I take him for granted on a mental and spiritual level.  How he has put up with me for so many years (I don’t know, If your reading this honey, I’m sorry for being a crappy Girlfriend) I will try to do better!

2. – STOP BLOODY PROCRASTINATING AND DRAGGING MY FEET! Geese I do love dragging my feet (not intentionally)  I’ve been told I move like a Swan.  I get there in the end but in my own sweet time.  REMEMBER time waits for no-one so get moving and quickly.  Not too quickly to the point of exhaustion.  JUST DO IT!

3. – Put more effort into blogging, all round creating content.  I have to stop leaving things until the last minute dot com.  Rushing to get things done at the last minute will leave me stressed and burnt out.  So key note to self, PLAN!

4. – Actually make the effort to use my damn diary!  There is no point in carrying it around in my bag for 365 days of the year to not use it (dah).  Write the damn plans in!!!

5. – Become a qualified Accountant.  I have the books I just need to start and learn to plan my time properly.  I will try to scheduled my task around my life…there is no excuse!

BONUS 6. – Start exercising, because I’m not getting any younger and if I’m going to continue to fool the world with my youthful appearance.  Now is the time (so get squatting).

Cath Kidston – Bag / Matalan – Boots, Matalan – Jeggings / Primark – Coat / Matalan – Gilet / Matalan – Polo Neck /

Citizen Eco – Watch / Accessorize – Tear shape earrings /  Kinsley Armelle – Gold Plate Bar Bracelet

What are your 2018 new years resolutions, if any? Let me know in the comments below : )





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