2017 | Bitter Sweet | Goodbye

I will remember 2017 as being a bitter sweet year.  I know a lot of bloggers are highlighting the best of the best of their lives.  Some engaged, married, got pregnant and had babies, moved home, gone around the world multiple times.  Or worked with some of the best brands out there as well as being featured in blogger and mainstream magazines.  And being featured in kick arse photo shoots. I will remember 2017 as being some what bitter sweet.

I may not have had those same opportunities or at least on that grand scale.  But I can at least be very thankful for having the chance to go into another year progressing for my future wither it be in freelance blogging or freelance accounting or both.

Yes I made it to another year of Birthdays (big ones, my Mum 50th… but she looks 38 though?), public holidays, planned celebrations, surprised ones (maybe…) 2017 has seen me continue to produce more fashion content with my own photo shoots with my Boyfriend (thanks Hunny for sticking around), I’ve was invited to 3 blogger events “Beauty and the Beast” beauty launch event with Latest In Beauty in collaboration with Disney, where I left with a goody bag of treats and got to be in the beautiful “The Lanesborough” Hotel where it was held.   “Manfrotto” master class in vlogging, where I got to learn filming, photography tips and meet the beautiful Josie aka “Fashion Mumblr” share her You Tube tips and “5K Giff Gaff Charity Run” where I absolutely did no training regretted it during, but had a memorable fun time and pushed myself to a limit I did not think I could achieve.  I did make up tutorials, fashion videos, vlogged some of what I’ve been doing, done some product reviews.  Eaten my way around London at the best Vegan/ Plant based restaurants and festivals (and will continue to do so in 2018, loosen up that belt).  I’ve decided to do an Accounts course, went up North for a bank holiday weekend.  Welcomed a new furry baby in our family, Luna a Maltese dog (.  I also went to my first Holi (colour) Festival, got invited to a wedding, cut my beautiful hair off to almost near boldness, which resulted in me putting hair extensions in (after not wearing any for the last 6 years), left two jobs that were no longer the right fit for me and am now trying to find my feet again.  All while trying to create content for this “lil old blog of mine”

So yes.  It has been a bitter sweet year.  I can only continue to grow as a content creator and stop thinking about the numbers and outrageous lifestyles of other bloggers.  There is only one me and I can only try.

So I thank you all, who have visited and continue to do so in the new year, it’s been great!





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