5 Vegan Kind Beauty Feel Good Products

It’s that time again, my vegan kind beauty box has arrived and as usual, 5 beauty products are set to be amongst my all time favourites, or not so much to my future beauty list. My favourite beauty product from the June box, has to be Dr Pawpaw Tinted Peach Pink Balm. I love how it somehow, manages to look nude on the tone of my lips. Ideally I think the Peach Pink suites paler skin tones.

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Vegan Top 5 This August

5 Vegan Kind Beauty Feel Good Products

Q+A Seaweed Peptide Eye Gel

So good, the tag line is “Have you ever seen a Mermaid with dark circles” Okay it’s not the tag line but so should be! Q+A has fast become, very popular among the vegan and cruelty free community in the last 5 years.

I have been told anything dark green, is extremely good for the body ingested or in skincare products. So I know I can’t go wrong here and perfect for anti-ageing. We can’t fight the ageing process but we can make the ageing process a graceful one, cell renewal, brightening and hydration. Suitable for oily, stressed, sensitive, normal and combination skin. The three key ingredients include pure peptide for collagen. Aloe Vera to hydrate the skin and Witch Hazel (no real Witches included) to sooth skin from irritation and fight blemishes. I believe this is my new best friend!

5 Vegan Kind Beauty Feel Good Products

Dr Botanicals Strawberry Superfood Vitamin C Moisturiser

Well you guys already know, I am a fan of the Dr Botanicals Brand and have tried a fair few of their products already although, I am still yet to try their Strawberry and Poppy Seed Cleansing Bar! I will get around to it, I just have so many products I am trying out at the moment.

I loved the Lemon Superfood all in one Rescue Butter

The Strawberry Superfood Vitamin C Day Moisturiser is packed full of vitamin B6, C, E and K, all great for rejuvenating the skin and making a dull appearance brighter, softer. This vegan moisturiser will leave your skin soft and hydrated over time if used regularly. By using the antioxidants, to fight the free radical damage caused to skin.

5 Vegan Kind Beauty Feel Good Products

Be3 Evolution Absolute Look Mascara

Well what can I say, an hourglass wand that coats every fibre of lash in jet black, claims to last up to 24 hours without any flakes. Because we no how much we hate the flakes. Adds a lifted and volumized look. I can not wait to try this out this weekend, by the time you’ve read this I would have worn it already. So I’ll let you know how I get on.

5 Vegan Kind Beauty Feel Good Products

FOAMIE Rose Oil Face Bar with Niacinamide

I know some people may not be keen on using soap on their face. And I am sure we all have a story to tell, about using soap on our face BUT soaps really are making a strong come back. Especially this Foamie brand. I already have the bar of shampoo bar, again still yet to be used and I wasn’t joking about how many products I have to try out, but I will get there.

This rose oil face bar looks cute and smells amazing but most importantly, it has vitamin B3 (that would be the Niacihamide), Shea butter and Jojoba for that moisture content. Although this has a regulated PH formulation, I still wouldn’t use it in my intimate areas, just because it should be perfume free down there.

5 Vegan Kind Beauty Feel Good Products

MUA Makeup Academy Pro Base Primer Spray

At an affordable price of just £4.00! This primer is set to aid your makeup to stay on, rather than slipping of your face throughout the day. Best advised to use after your skincare routine. A refreshing face mist that will add moisture and lock it into your skin under your makeup. I have not tried this yet but have tried other products from this brand! And have found most of their products to be okay on my skin. I will let you guys know in a future post on how I get on with this primer.

What did you like, from this vegan beauty line up this month?

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