1 Sustainable Watch For Everyday Special Effortless Chic

Incoming a new watch, from Nordgreen. A brand who believe to be sustainable, is to be fashion forward. If you are anything like me and are building quite the time piece collection. Then you will understand the need to keep this healthy mild obsession going. A watch is a very special accessory, that some people pass down to loved ones. It is something that can really make an outfit, so tick tock, it’s time to get a new watch!

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The Scandi watch brand, planting it’s presence firmly into the watch industry is Nordgreen. Since Nordgreen short time within the industry founded in 2017. They have partnered with Second Harvest in Japan, to provide food bank initiatives for people that live in food deserts. A contribution to reforestation for the wild fires in Australia, that destroyed 15 million acres of the countries forest. Raised funds to provide books, for the underprivilege children in South Korea for ThanksGive. Nordgreen have been apart of a 2019 Christmas campaign, to provide 9,950 hot meals in Japan and the UK, with SocialBite UK and Second Harvest.

In India Nordgreen have donated 6,500 months of quality education, by partnering with NGO Partners. Also partnered with Water For Good sourced 23,200 months of drinkable water to the Central African Republic. As well as helping to preserve 742,000sqm of trees in Latin America Rainforest, partnered with Cool Earth. If these facts are not amazing then tell me what is.

1 Sustainable Watch For Everyday Special Effortless Chic

Native | Black Dial

Firstly I am so grateful for this collaboration with Nordgreen, as I was in a serious need of a new time piece and this collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time! I am also grateful for taking the plunge, to get the Native time piece in silver. Like I said I have quite a few time pieces with different finishes, rose gold, natural wood, silicone and plastic.

1 Sustainable Watch For Everyday Special Effortless Chic


This elegant time piece will fit right into your wardrobe for any occasion. I wear mine during the day alone, for a daytime chilled, chic look. For a night look, I can imagine this piece stacked with bracelets for a more bougie vibe.

I chose silver for a cool tone, as my rose gold pieces, as you know have a warm tone. I thought something a little different was in order. My time piece comes in a 3 or 5 link as I have photographed in these photos. I deliberately went for the 5 link as I find it anaesthetically pleasing.

1 Sustainable Watch For Everyday Special Effortless Chic


A beautiful black dial, I think complements the silver tone. I almost nearly got the gold, which I think would have look just as great. The dial also comes in three other options navy, which also looks stunning and would have so been my second choice. White and another option which is not vegan, Mother of Pearl. I don’t know about you but I find the details of a watch dial makes all the difference, to the purchase.

1 Sustainable Watch For Everyday Special Effortless Chic


The Native time piece not just comes in a silver tone but gold, as I have stated before. Rose gold and gun metal, which looks very dapper. A term mainly used for a man but this time piece is very versatile for both genders. For a more masculine vibe I would opt for a large diameter of 44mm. While the 32mm, 36mm or 28mm as I have here, are best suited for the women, for a smaller wrist. Unless you are a lady who enjoys the bold boyfriend look of anything, then the 40mm would be great for you.

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