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Periods, what are they? If you are a grown woman, I am guessing you should know what they are by now. But for a young girl and for any grown woman alike, this post is hopefully helpful and will teach you things you may not have known before.

This is not a sponsored post but rather a helpful post, on the account of myself using a very helpful Period tracking app. The app in question is one I came across from Anna another blogger. Whom used and I believe still uses the app to track her periods. And now her pregnancy! Anna is due this August and will be expecting a Boy.

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I could only wish there was an app like this when I was a girl. I mean apps weren’t even a thing when I was a girl, the internet world, wide, web (www) had just been created, small steps for woman-kind. So I just stuck with my calendar proper old school, to document everytime I had a period. So skip to 2021 and suddenly I am in the loop and downloading the Flo Health App, to update the way in which I track my periods.

The Flo Health App was founded in April of 2015. And have now gained 170+ million downloads and have over 40+ million active users. I find it especially useful, as it gives me insight into what to expect when my period is due. As well as when it is due, when my next menstrual cycle starts and even how long the last cycle was. It even tells you when you are most fertile, so if you are planning a pregnancy, you will find this app most helpful! Along with the added articles provided by actual qualified doctors, to educate on my overall well being, not just for my periods but the health of my vagina, body, mental health and pregnancies.

And might I just add that woman are awesome, the things are bodies are able to do is truly amazing and what make us unique.

bananas good for periods


A period starts in girls from the age of 12 but can start a little earlier or later, and is apart of the puberty process. Periods is an unused egg that has not been fertilised by a sperm. As a result of this, the blood is from the shedding of your lining in your uterus because it has not been fertilised. This is normal, if you are not trying for a baby. For some females your period can last 3 to 5 or 8 days. In the first 2 days your period can be of a heavy flow and as it gets lighter, goes from dark red to a lighter pink, brown or black. Again all very normal.

Cramps, I don’t know if everyone gets them but I certainly did and do. I know sounds a little confusing, but it is only because I used to take contraceptive pills, which stopped most of the cramps (but that is a whole another blog post). So cramps, yes can be a mild to severe pain in the abdomen. Some take mild medication to relieve from the pain and like myself take to a hot water bottle or bath. Might I add, if you do go down the hot bath route, refrain from any beauty in bath body products that might interfere with your body natural Ph levels. I told you a female body is complex.

bananas good for periods


When I started my period many years ago, I used to get this white discharge on my knickers. I can be a bit squeamish with things like this, so it would often put me off. Especially when I wash myself around the vagina in the shower and feel the gooeyness (another stage of the discharge), which is the discharge created by our bodies before the arrival of a period. The medical terminology for it is called Leukorrhea. Little did I know, this whitish or sometimes yellow in colour discharge, is a great indication on when to try and conceive, if trying for a baby. I only learnt this through using the Flo App!

bananas good for periods


Would you believe it, Bananas are number one on the Flo app list. Bananas are rich in fibre, which are great for bowl movements and lessens that dreaded bloat. Bananas are also high in magnesium, perfect for fighting those mild to severe cramps too! Also rich in sugars to boost energy, one to two Bananas a day should be enough.

Another yellow fruit to aid you during your time of the month, would be the delightful Lemon, high in vitamin C and helps your body absorb iron, as a lot of red blood cells are lost during your period.

You will by all means want to a avoid, milk and any foods that contain dairy. These will cause more inflammation, which your body will already be struggling with at this time.

If you love your fried food but love your body more then keep reading. I know fried food can be mentally comforting but It is a well known fact, that fired food is not great for us anyway. As it leaves the stomach unsettled, so why add to that discomfort eh?

Frist and foremost WATER, drink it. You lose water in your periods, leaving the body dehydrated and can worsen any abdominal pain. The perfect tea, Camomile has great anti-inflammatory properties and aids the nervous system. Put the coffee down! and pick up Ginger tea instead, it will still keep you energized and awake. All while fighting any nausea and bloating.

bananas good for periods


Believe it or not but a late period or periods does not necessarily lead to a pregnancy. Especially if you haven’t had sex right? Late periods can quite often be a case of different reasons. One being phycological the person may be stressed. Medical stopping or taking medication or Pathological caused by disease e.g. Ovarian Pathology (cyst).

bananas good for periods


Sanitary products have come a very long way since my day. (that makes me sound old, and I’m not really that old, 37 to be exact) but enough about me.

It is not just about the pads and tampons any more. More and more woman are opting for more natural and sustainable sanitary products for their periods, such as…

Period Pants from Modibodi, couldn’t be more green if they tried. Wash the pants before use to activate the technology in the gusset aka crotch or panty lining. Once used, wash, dry then you are set to go again, marvellous.

Menstrual Cup Intimina, have a great collection of cups. Planet friendly, safe on your body a real game changer!

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Do you track your Periods? As always let me know in the comments below



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