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What does it mean to be a scrumptious Scrumpies girl?  Well I got a chance to find out what that truly means when I was invited, to review one of their magnificent knickers for their launch.  Scrumpies derive their name from”scrump”.  A British form of mischief to get Apples.

I hadn’t heard of “Scrumpies Of Mayfair” before and was delighted once I had seen their designs.  Their designs are definitely something you would want to collect.  Each Scrumpies knicker is beautifully designed with a theme in mind.  There are eight Scrumpies sexy and delicate pieces to the collection, that come accompanied with a collectable charm, adorned with sparkling Czech crystals and gold finish.  These charms can be worn on the knicker or taken off and placed on your latest bag or as a key ring.  Any woman would be glad to have received one)  Each Scrumpies knicker follows on from an Apple theme.  All the knickers share names with well known Apples such as –

Gala – a free spirited party girl

Garden Royal – romantic, gentle and loved by all

Cherry Cox – bursting with sexual energy with glamour and sparkle

Golden Delicious – fun loving, lives by the YOLO (you only live once ) mantra and has loads of positive energy

Candy Crisp – Unapologetically feminine, has a sweet tooth, loves fun games and tricks

Northern Lights – In touch with herself and others, mystical, believes there is more things in Heaven and Earth…

Pink Lady – playful energy, confident and open to new experiences

Honey Crunch – feisty, confident, fearless and sensual

If you’ve had a sneaky look at the collection (and i’m sure you have), then I’ll bet you would agree that each Scrumpies knicker, has its own individuality.  As each and every woman who would come to own one.

I chose the “Northern Lights” as I believe it best represented me personally, God knows I’m not the “Cherry Cox” girl LMAO (insert emoji laughing with tears).  The northern nights is a French style knicker (ooh la la) and by name is designed to mimic the beautiful Aurora Borealis seen in the northern sky.  The knicker also has little sparkling crystals sprinkled all over and sparkling buttons on the side, to add to the effect of mystery and glamour.  And of course the knicker comes with its own Apple charm, straight from the Garden of Eden.  Encrusted with beautiful sparkling Czech crystals in Sapphire blue.

Yours Truly

All Scrumpies knickers are designed in London and also come gifted in a cute box.  Upon opening your box you won’t be disappointed.  Also inside the box comes a “welcome to the club” card which means your apart of the official Scrumpies girl group.

If you want to be updated on the latest on Scrumpies of Mayfair, then you can follow on –

Twitter: @scrumpiesldn

Instagram: @scrumpiesldn

Facebook: scrumpiesldn

I feel very honoured to be gifted this beautiful piece of art, so thank you Scrumpies of Mayfair for making me an official Scrumpies girl!

Which Scrumpies girl are you? Let me know what you think of the designs, in the comments below.



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