Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Welcome my Millennial and 21st Century friends.  Are you currently working your arse literally into the ground or are you a steady pacer?  Who likes to get shit done but are pacing yourself, because no one has got time for a total burn out right?  So are YOU working hard or hardly working?

Being on social media as a blogger can be tough at times.  What with the algorithm on Instagram being totally shit, I mean, sort it out already.  And other content creators still playing that tiresome, follow to unfollow 24 hours later game.  Sometimes I find myself so exhausted by it all, I could just quit Instagram altogether.


This year 2018, in particular has been real tough, to get through on social media.  I said in one of my recent sparse photo upload on Instagram.  I HAVE congratulated every Tom, Dick and Harry (even Harry’s Father) for the better half of the year.  One Blogger in particular, has been recognised greatly among premium brands.  And has had a clenched deal, after deal after deal.  That IS fantastic! But…

To some this post may seem like i’m trolling.  When in fact its my observation and me documenting my thoughts.


For the smaller Bloggers trying to work with brands, getting knocked backed and not recognised by brands and other Bloggers, can be very disheartening.  No matter how relentlessly they keep promoting their work, especially if their work is good.  It is heart wrenching to not even see, at least one comment left for a post you’ve worked so hard on.  And when you do get that long awaited comment.  Its related to the pictures, rather than what you have written?  Just so they can leave a link to their blog.


Sometimes when I scroll through my Twitter timeline, I do get slightly agitated.  It seems like, how popular a person is, is based on how busy they are.  It almost seems like bloggers are competing their blogger status, based on this.  Being busy is the new trend. One particular Blogger, I’m sure you’ll know who I am writing about, if you follow.  Has a Management team behind them, which I think some of us forget.  Helping them to clinch deals and get noticed, with the best of the best.  I no longer see this particular Blogger as a Blogger.  More like a Celebrity, whom has a large Blogging/ Youtube/ Instagram audience, who are highly influenced by the person.  Most comments I have seen on this person social timeline, suggest this person is the only Blogger to have worked so hard on their Blog/ social status.  Don’t get me wrong, they HAVE worked so hard and deserve all the greatness that comes with it!  But we have to remember, these people HAVE a Management team behind them to make the journey into Blogging full time success all the more sweet.  This person takes on a lot of opportunities “not being a one to miss out” as quoted.  Which is cool but can leave, and HAS left that person totally burnt out.


So am I doing enough? with my one Blog post a week.  Promoting it enough, to like minded people “as we say”.  Without seeming pushy.  Or hoping other Bloggers don’t unfollow because, I’ve promoted the same post too many times “4 times in that week, before the new one is due”.  I have to remember that, I do not have the pleasure of being a full time Blogger.  I do work a full time job.  I am studying full time distance learning, to better my future prospect.  And have a house hold to run.  I do actively SUPPORT other Bloggers, actually read all their content, before leaving a comment, related to their written content and photos.  All whilst doing MY hobby of creating blog post.  So due to all that,  If I can muster up one post a week (without a Brand frowning upon that) then that currently IS the best I can do.


Social media has a very unrealistic and sad way, of making people constantly compare ourselves to each other.  Which we have all been doing since the dawn of time.  It is just 1000 times magnified, since the creation of social media.  He or she has more likes than me, followers than me, is doing more than me, achieved more than me.  As Kevin Hart quoted “stay in your own lane”.  You do you and what it is, your capable of doing for that time.  Whether it is financially, physically or mentally.  Most importantly, stay happy and stay healthy.

So are you working hard or hardly working? Let me know in the comments below : )



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