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Another day and another invite…and I’m so glad I was in invited to this one!  It was a complete surprise to me and even with my small following, I still get surprised.  This time I was invited to a Vlogging masterclass held by Manfrotto with Youtube tips from Josie “Fashion Mumblr”.

I couldn’t wait to attend this event, where I learnt about lighting, the importance of fluidity throughout a video and some really good advice about growing your audience across all platforms which included Youtube and Blogging.

When I saw the invite in my mail box I was really excited, as I love going to blogging events, where I get to meet up with like minded people of the blogging industry.  Trying to talk about this topic with anyone not in the industry can be challenging at times, if they hold no interest in it.  Though having said that my boyfriend is coming around to it and my mum does seem to be that little bit more interested.

Devastated…on the day I only had to be really ill, from the very common cold.  To be honest I was suffering from this very bad cold for two weeks, and desperately was hoping it would have gone before the event!  It got worst two days before the event, I had lost my voice almost completely, say what? that’s just it I couldn’t but was neither the less even more determined to go to the event even though I felt like s**t.

So there I went to the Manfrotto vlogging masterclass event with my ever so squeaky voice.  As someone who doesn’t like to be late I naturally arrived 15 minutes early, and then waited on the corner of the street for a further 10 minutes (weird to some maybe).  I didn’t want to be the first one there (feeling awkward).  I was greeted at the door by a lovely woman who directed me upstairs where the event was being held.  I was surprised to see and hear the event was already buzzing with excited bloggers.  Just beyond the buzzing crowd were the drinks and canapes (Prosecco, anyone?).

The first session was an (almost hour long talk) with Josie AKA Fashion Mumblr.  I did not know of Josie until then. Josie is a young and inspiring woman, who hasn’t been blogging or Youtubing for very long, (in fact) just over a year and a half and have managed to currently gain an impressive 126,872 followers (say what?).  That alone says something but having looked at her blog and Youtube channel, it isn’t hard to see the quality of her work.  More towards what I aspire.

Josie Youtube tips –

  1. Upload a video to publish at the time that is best for your readers, this is based on YOUR statistics.
  2. Always engage with your audience and other Youtubers e.g. leave comments and subscribe (you can even kindly ask if the person would like to sub back, which is quite the norm nowadays)
  3. Don’t forget to share your videos across your social media network
  4. Try and keep a theme for your video thumb nails (it looks visually pleasing)
  5. Never leave the description box empty and have the same keywords as in the title but not in the same order.

Then Manfrotto had a go of live demos of how to light a video, with a cute and cheeky pretend (because he was a actor) chef, it was so much fun mixing learning with comedy.  Manfrotto tips –

  1. The importance of remembering that light bends and bounces
  2. Any white surface is a great reflector (so white walls yes please!)
  3. If you don’t have a white box, then you can actually use a white handkerchief over the lighting for a softer look (cheap and affordable)
  4. For that blurry background change your camera setting to F1 – F2 on the AV setting.
  5. A frame rate of 25 – 30 makes for a smooth video motion
  6. Filmic is a great app for creating high definition (HD) with your phone camera
  7. Introductory lighting (Lumi Lighting) is a great light stabiliser for vloggers in darker situations

The last talk was about Manfrotto video and phone equipment, and what is best used for what gadget, which was impressive.  I actually got a G1 grip in a goody bag (universal for all phones).

In between the talks the bloggers vloggers mingled, munched on canapes and drank their way through orange and passion fruit juice and of course Prosecco, yummm.

I hope this has helped anyone who is looking to better their lighting or even start filming, if you are then good luck (you’ll have lots of fun)

Josie AKA Fashion Mumblr

Do you have any vlogging, lighting or Youtube tips that you would like to share? let me know in the comments below : )



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