Vincent Van Gogh | An Amazing, Immersive Uplifting London Experience

What an experience! I finally got to visit the Vincent Van Gogh Immersive experience in London. And let me tell you it did not disappoint. I went in not knowing that much, other than Van Gogh being a painter and cutting off his own ear. To learning a little more about his short life.

I would like to dedicate this post to my fellow artistic and cultured creators. This post is a little different and I would love to do more of these in the future.

Van Gogh The Immersive London Experience

I came to know about the Van Gogh immersive experience, thorough another creative (surprise, surprise), she did an Instagram reel on her experience and it was mesmerising. Granted it was only a 10 second Reel, it had me hooked and I just knew I had to book to go.

So I did! The experience is an immersive one, a little different from going to a regular art gallery. Yes there were the dupes of Van Gogh paintings but they were presented, in a way in which I don’t think a lot of people have seen before.

Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh full name is Vincent Willem van Gogh. Born on the 30th March 1853, Vincent was a Dutch painter who was known for his Post-Impressionist art work. Meaning he was more interested in painting with larger lines with his brush strokes, creating swirls, playing with bold colours and relying on these instead of natural light in his visions.

It was known as a French art movement between 1886-1905. Although Vincent was born into an upper-middle class family. It was actually his younger Brother Theo that financially supported his paintings. Eventually poverty and depression which later led him to end his life, at the young age of 37. With gun injuries caused by a Revolver to the chest on the 27th July 1890. Van Gogh died two days later 29th July 1890. Considered a mad man and a failure. Like most tragic stories, his work became famous after his suicide. Typical.

I knew about his infamous incident about his left ear, and have known about it since I was a kid. I believed Vincent had cut his ear off in a romantic gesture for the love of his life. AND all this time I had thought that was very romantic, The story actually goes…

On December 23rd 1888, Vincent, through his depression and part dementia. Got into an argument with another painter Paul Gauguin, whom was to have believed was a good friend, and before threatening him with a knife, cut off part of his own ear (his lobe) with a razor. Later wrapping it up to give to a Prostitute at a local Brothel, as his token of affection. New evidence shows Vincent did this on the day he learnt, his younger Brother Theo was getting married. Apparently there are a few versions of this story, so who knows? He later did a self portrait tilted “Self-Portrait with Bandage Ear (1889)”

The Paintings

Vincent became one of the most famous and influential painters in the Western art history. In a decade he had painted 2,100 art work which also included 860 oil paintings. It seemed Vincent rather enjoyed painting Landscapes, Portraits and Self-Portraits and Still Life. His work truly were heading towards what was known back then as modern art.

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Vincent loved Sun Flowers so much that he had painted a series of them. It is also known, at his funeral there were Sun Flowers present and at his graveside. Vincent had painted Sun Flowers at different times and had done repetitions of them too.

Starry Night

Also known commonly as the “Starry Night over the Rhone” Painted at night on the bank in which was a minute or two walk from his yellow home, at which he was renting at the time. I never had a favourite VG painting before but I had to get this, I love the night sky and all that it brings with it, twinkle stars, violet clouds and silver moon.

Van Gogh | VR Experience

Holy smoke. This was the first experience for me using a VR. I can honestly say, I had truly stepped into the 21st century with this experience! Whoever created the software is an absolute genius. I will say they do give you advice on how you may feel, whilst using the VR and after. But holy smoke if you haven’t used it before, which I hadn’t. It left me feeling REALLY nauseas during and slightly after too. I would still give that experience a 10/10 because it really was like stepping into Van Gogh paintings with pleasant audio, as if Vincent himself was giving the tour!

The Venue

Van Gogh “The Immersive Experience” as expected has the Artist paintings and relevant information surrounding it. The VR experience follows “A Day in the Life of the Artist” in Arles France, with 8 of his works. A few of the displays were digital with sound effects and project mapping, amazing to see. You also get a chance to colour in a few of Van Gogh pictures and upload your work onto a digital screen, really cool! The exhibition is available to see on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10am to 9pm. And the weekend and holidays 9am-10pm. The experience last 75-90 minutes.

There is partial wheel chair access this is due to the buildings listings constraints, as half of the exhibition is upstairs. All ages are welcome tickets starting from £27.90 and free entry for children under 4 year olds. Because of the layout of the building, there are toilets but not for wheelchair access or baby nappy changes. There is also no food or drinks sold on the premises, or to be eaten during the exhibition. So eat before or after. With the exception of drinking water from a bottle. Wearing a mask is optional, as the restrictions in the UK have lifted.

Location | 106 Commercial Street, Spitalfields, London, E1 6LZ. The experience is extended until May 2022, so if you are in the country! Also this experience has already been sighted over the world and was even featured in “Emily In Paris” on Netflix.


Who doesn’t love a gift shop, obviously this is where you get an opportunity to purchase some of Van Gogh dupe work on posters, cups, mask! (pandemic style), pen and vases etc. Myself and Boyfriend bought a poster each. He chose the “Seascape” and I “Starry Night over Rhone” now worth 200-300 million dollars, I got mine for £5, what a bargain, lol.

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