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So it has been 20 years since the death of Princess Diana (The Peoples Princess).  I remember it so well.  It was 1997 and I was 13, born the same year as Prince Harry. I woke up 31st Sunday August morning barely eyes open, to the devastating news of Princess Diana death.  It was all over the news.  I remember the sudden realisation of shock and tears streaming down my face.  I could not believe that our beloved Princess was forever gone.  So beautiful and so young just aged 36.  I did not know this woman but yet she had such a big impact on my emotions.  Surely this was a sad mistake?

Princess Diana was truly an Angel.  I always remembered the press portraying her in that way, at least in the early years.  It seemed that there was nothing our Princess could do wrong.  Such an avid worker for Charities and great causes HIV/Aids, Landmines and Cancer.  A lover of all children and spending a lot of her time at London Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital.  Princess Diana was great at talking and listening to those in need and had met a lot of inspirational people like Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa.  Musical talents such as Elton John and Micheal Jackson had also had the pleasure of meeting Princess Diana.

Diana our Princess was one of few that was selfless in her actions.  Always looking to help those in need. I would always remember Princess Diana as being a strong, selfless, beautiful independent woman (even in marriage).  Even in Diana many beautiful photos and film footage of her, I could see a sense of something else.  Although Diana was a kind woman with a huge heart.  I could see Diana was a woman who loved to dance to the beat of her own drum.  In some ways I guess Diana was rebellious and I loved her for that.  A sweet Angel with a little dark streak and a twinkle in her eyes.  The need to just live her life the way she wanted.

Quoted by Princess Diana

“I don’t go by the rule book…I lead from the heart, not the head.”

“Only do what your heart tells you.”

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There are a few conspiracy theories of why Princess Diana lost her life that Sunday.  And I have my own.  Life and people always have a way of trying to silence the good people in the world.  We must not let them.  If you stand for something right and true then shout it out.  If you want a happier lifestyle, that others may not approve of for there own selfish reasons.  By all means go for what makes you happy.  We may spend time keeping quite and trying to please the likes of others.  Portraying a lifestyle someone wishes to have for us. That is not living.

Like Princess Diana, dance to the beat of your own drum and let out that rebellious streak now and again!

How do you go about dancing to the beat of your own drum, Let me know in the comments below : )



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