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Diversity Vs Blogosphere, blogosphere Vs diversity which ever way you look at it, from my point of view (maybe because I’m black, brown, w/c (woman of colour) I hate that terminology) the matter is always going to be black and white (no pun intended).

I have been blogging for over 2 years and have spent time on social media in the same amount of time.  I am not going to lie when I say “I have noticed a major difference” in how brands choose to collaborate or choose to have sponsored post with certain bloggers.

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m no fool and can see the world is made up of other races. Meaning I am very aware of the other ethnics of the world! It really is amazing how diversity chooses to diverse.  Being brought up to be open minded (thanks mum), I am more than happy to see the gay, lesbian, bi, transgender community, not only get a chance to work with brands but finally be recognised as individuals and valued as equals…

BUT and it IS a big but, where are the blacks at, when it comes to collaborations or sponsored post.  I can’t speak for the other ethnics, I can only fight my corner of diversity.  Or, or is it really purely down to the damn number game again? Or the quality of work we as a race are putting out into the blogosphere?  I myself am guilty of not mixing it up, when it comes to the type of following I follow.  Too be honest I did not even realised it was a problem, before it really became a problem.

Growing up in the UK I don’t think I have ever really experience major difference towards my ethnic.  Maybe because I am a little light in colour, whilst my mother and sister are a little darker in colour (I got my colour from my dad, who is half Indian)  It wasn’t until my Auntie pointed out to me when I was a child, at how the UK adverts always opt for mixed raced girls with big bouncy 3c curls, when they needed diversity.  I found this astonishing AND still do, although there are a lot more black and other ethnics being portrayed on TV now.  Or is it simply just that we need to SUPPORT EACH OTHER MORE! Because if it IS one thing I’ve noticed (yes I am going to say it) the white girls /community ARE forever supporting each other.  With comments, likes, re-tweets that is why they are a close knit community.

Straying a little… Brands do need to make more of an effort to work with ethnics, and not just because it seems cool or seems to be the in thing at the moment.  But because we need diversity and to be fair. WE ARE NOT A TREND, we are people who reflect the ever changing diversity of our community and world.

This post was inspired by the ongoing issue of diversity in the blogosphere.  And other black bloggers concerns on the matter.  I present to you other great, beautiful and inspiring black UK bloggers. Whom have had their say on the subject.






George Asda – Jeans Jacket, Kipling – Bag, Matalan – Jeggings, Vans – Shoe/Trainer

What are your thoughts on Diversity for anyone, Gender, Religion, Sexual orientation, Race etc? let me know in the comments below : )



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