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Are you unhappy with your skin?  Do you try relentlessly to get that perfect blemish free, baby smooth skin, that you once had (looking back at childhood photos) damn my skin looked great! But seriously though, who can say they truly appreciated their skin on their face, at age 4. 

Face mask are still having their moment of glory.  I believe that we are more reliant on face mask more that ever.  Whether it be a sheet mask, peel mask or clay mask.  I’m sure you own at least one.  I’ve always been a fan of The Body Shop ever since I was a little girl and enjoy using their face mask, I’ve listed my current three favourite cruelty free face mask here, one being my first choice –


Being ethnic I naturally produce natural oils (which is a bonus, it’s what keeps me looking younger for longer), so the Himalayan helps reduce the oils settled on my face, giving it a clean and glowing complexion.  100% vegan and “The Body Shop” best seller.  The bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan Foothills absorbs the excess oils on the skin, while the Japanese green leaves detox and the Kenyan organic community trade tea tree oil acts as an anti-inflammatory for spots.



This is a great face mask if your looking for gentle exfoliate, to take away the day pollution and other impurities.  100% vegan.  I found this mask very cool and soothing.  The Japanese Matcha face mask is infused with dandelion extract and community trade aloe vera, from Mexico.  I found the Japanese Matcha face mask left my skin feeling refreshed and youthful looking.
1oo% vegan, cool gel mask plumps and rejuvenates the skin.  Infused with rose essence, real rose petals, rosehip oil and organic community trade aloe vera from Mexico. The gel leaves my skin feeling extra pampered.  It also leaves my skin moisturised and dewy.  The rose essence is from Briton while the rosehip oil is derived from Chile.  A great face gel to moisturise and pamper with before a night out.

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