Thank You, Next…

HAPPY NEW YEAR, it’s officially 2019!!!, we did it. I hope you saw in the new year with a big bang. Fireworks, if not yours then your neighbours lol. Prosecco or fizzy pop in hand, party popper steamers in your hair, balloons and glitter in the air. 2018 you were great thank you, next…

It is the beginning of a new year, new chapter and new rules. A time to reflect again, if you haven’t already. A time to drag out your shiny new diaries and calendars, and start jotting down your dreams, hopes and aspirations for the year ahead. 2018 was an interesting year for me. After leaving my Nursery Nurse position, on the last working day of 2017 and not, before deciding I wanted to do an Accounting course. I spent the first four months of 2018, trying to decide what part time job I should do, while studying my Accounts course. Fast forward to 2018, delaying the long distance course. I chose long distance, because I wanted to save on cost and any added stress of travelling to and from a college. So as you can imagine I was just dragging my feet at my own pace, enjoying a much needed break, of doing absolutely nothing. So 2018 got off to a slow but steady start. That is pretty much how the year had continued. 2018 had been filled with a whole lot of self taught studying and hard successful work. But it has not been all work and no play. As you can see from my first photo in this post. What looks like December was actually January 2018. My Hunny Jason and I started the year, skating at the British Museum, it feels like a life time ago now.

I treated us to a day of trampolining, at one of those funky trampolining venues for his Birthday (never too old). Although we did feel pretty broken the next day and rest of the week. Jason treated me to something quite unique, for my Birthday. An interactive Cinema, that was made to look like you were in a Space capsule. So sat on our bean bags with our space blankets. Drinking our special space juice (Mojito) and snacks. We both snuggled up and watched the latest StarWars film. The whole experience was epic!. I love things like that because of course, I’m a nerd.I’ve been to an animal sanctuary with Jason and my family. Visited Kew Gardens for the first time. Been to two vegan food events. Was in the middle of GAY pride. Visited my favourite seaside, Brighton more than a couple of times this. Watched Wicked at the Theatre, so good! AND went to a spa! Ate at many restaurants and my weight in pizza (no shame).
I’ve been lucky to work with some brands, been gifted and paid as a result.

I’ve learnt new things about myself last year. And can’t wait to take what I’ve learnt into our new year 2019, and build upon that. This new year ends with my last Accounting course and takes me onto the next advanced level. More hard work ahead (bring it on). Hopefully a new job in an Accounting role soon. God only knows what else is in store for me, Jason and my family.

But whatever it may be, i’m ready…thank you, next.

Happy New Year to you! what are your goals for the new year ahead?

Let me know in the comments below : )



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