Well before you can say pass the Sprouts…No, just me then. We’ll be counting down the last five seconds of the year. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, happy new year!” BUT not before presenting to you my LAST post.

Firstly, I like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope that you are spending it with the people you love and your day, is filled with love and happiness. That you get all that you hoped for and if you didn’t, well there is always next year!

If you haven’t already noticed, this is my one and only post for the month of December. This is not from lack of ideas but more of an interest to better myself in other areas. I have quickly realised, if I am to make it in this crazy world in which we live. I can not live on the hope, I will make it as a full time Blogger. And guess what…

I’m alright with that. In the beginning I thought it would be pretty easy to make this a full time job. And why shouldn’t I have thought that? With Victoria, aka INTHEFROW, making it look super easy. I actually thought, shit if she can do it, then so can I.

BUT that shit just isn’t true.

You see, Victoria has a very strong sense of where she wanted and still wants her blogging career to go. Victoria is a very successful Blogger, because she knew and knows, exactly what she wants from her Blogger status. Victoria has gone from strength to strength. And we have all seen the stunning photos, clothes, accessorises, locations, red carpet, networking with celebrities, front cover magazines, featured on massive bill boards, TV adverts, driving in Bentley’s and Youtube videos as proof. And now her own published book! From the get go, it was very clear Victoria was and is more than happy to show or share with us, a lot of her life. Not everything mind you but still more than what I am willing to share.

I’m a privet person. If you didn’t know, now you know.

I’ve learnt, we all define the word privet in different ways.

As a small Blogger, you can’t get to where Victoria is by being a wall flower (as I’ve told myself countless times). I have been 100% honest with myself, on what I want from my Blog. On some level you have to give a massive piece of your privet self, to obtain what she has. Victoria deserves all the success that comes with what she does. Simply because she earned it and most importantly WANTS it. Every part of it.

So back to me. I have never wanted to walk the red carpet. I’ve never been much of a traveller BUT adore hearing about others travels. I am a follower of Victoria and have been for years now. And find it very interesting, to watch how she grows and what path her Blogging career takes her.

But at the same time I have to live my true reality, of NOT making it as a full time Blogger.

Not everyone will make it as a full time Blogger.

You too, can find success and be just as, if not even more successful in other ways.

So for now, Blogging for me is simply a hobby nothing more and nothing less. I’m currently on the path of completing my first Accounting qualification. And hope to be a licensed Bookkeeper in the future.

Because, All I ever want is to be self employed. If not as a Blogger then by the grace of the Universe, a licensed Bookkeeper.





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