Mental Healthy, Are You OK Hun Are You Happy?

How is your mental health? and are you actually OK Hun? The way this year has been going, I would not be surprised if you told me in the comments section you didn’t know if you were coming or going?

Mental Healthy, Are You OK Hun Are You Happy?


I think we can all agree that 2020 has brought us so many things that may have and no doubt have been life changing. It is clear to me that so many of us in some way or another have been affected by what is going on in the world right now, and this is reeking havoc on our mental health.

The topic of mental health is not going away anytime soon, and I’m so grateful that there are so many people discussing their mental health and in doing so are normalising it. As I was saying, there is no doubt that 2020 has been a real shit show, for some of us it has been the good, the bad and the down right ugly.

It is more important than ever to check in on family, friends and OTHERS, yes other people you probably wouldn’t normally check in on. Mental health this year has affected everyone from the old, young, rich, poor, your neighbours, everyday people and celebrities.

I have seen so many celebrities that seemed to have coped earlier in the year with lock down measures, and then seem to have had a mental breakdown halfway down the year, Snoop Dogg being one of them. Some months ago Snoop posted a video of himself in his car on Instagram, and he clearly looked emotional and keep singing “let it go, let it go” by the famous Disney Frozen film. There was something clearly bothering him and that short second video was his little outlet. As strong as he portrays his character as a Rapper, I really did feel bad for him, I wanted to reach out and tell him everything will be okay.

Mental Healthy, Are You OK Hun Are You Happy?

Katy Perry recently came out to say she had been battling with mental health issues and has currently released a music video named “Smile”. It goes on to express how she has got her smile back with the first verse expressed as – Everyday, Groundhog Day. Goin’ through motions felt so fake. Not myself, not my best. Felt like I failed the test. She was trying to please others before herself, now she is in a much better place with her baby girl on the way.


So as I have mentioned above even celebrities have been hit by mental health issues in their private lives. It is so important to check in on others mental well being. It does not matter who the person is, it could be a colleague, a person at the bus stop or your next door neighbour. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have seen a complete stranger in distress crying their eyes out. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt guilty in not stopping to asked them a simple question “if they were okay”.

Mental Healthy, Are You OK Hun Are You Happy?

I know most of us especially in Britain, put on that stiff upper lip and respond in low tones of “oh, I’m okay” when we know fully well we’re not okay and most likely the person who asked the question, can see you are not okay. But in most cases both parties are just simply being polite in not wanting to burden the other with their problems and the other not wanting to pry to much into unwanted territory.

Either way, lets all make it the norm to discuss the issues weighing us down. Be that friendly support and listen. Sharing a problem could shine a new prospective on the issue and may just be able to help, even just a little bit.

Share over a cup of tea, coffee, cake or biscuits. Just don’t do it alone.

So how are you Hun?

How are you doing up until now?

As always let me know in the comments below : )

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Mental Healthy, Are You OK Hun Are You Happy?

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