How To Feel Confident

How to feel confident. Confidence does not come easily to everyone. Some people may seem to be born with it, while others seem to spend there whole lives trying to gain it!  When I was younger I was the quiet child, the child who labelled herself as SHY.  The words shy and quiet just seem to go together, they go hand in hand.  But having said that being shy and quiet do not necessarily mean lack of confidence.  I was never the first to put my hand up for questioning at school, or that part in the play where all the girls wanted to play “Virgin Mary”, “Alice In Wonderland” or Dorothy in “The Wizard Of Oz” (even though those red shoes were very, very tempting)

I certainly was not the first person to go up to someone to make friends, let alone ask a boy out.  Over the course of so many years, I have learnt that confidence comes to you only if you let it!  Confidence can come to us in many ways. For some confidence can come from wearing that red lip (that everyone seems to speak of, when it comes to confidence) that set of shoes you just bought or a pair of lucky socks.

But joking aside, it really does take more than a pair of lucky socks to bring out that self confidence.  Mine came gradually as I got older.  The more I learnt in life and the more personalities I encountered at various job roles.  The more I felt I could take on certain situations and these different personalities.

I learnt a long time ago, that there was no need to feel less than anything or anyone (life is just too short).  There was no way I was going to make a situation or person make me feel less than confident.

How To Feel Confident (my advice)

  • Education  – is important at any stage of your life .  Further education even better! to better yourself in your craft.
  • Know your stuff – (knowledge on anything is power).  Don’t let people take you for a fool.
  • Posture – Believe it or not but sitting hunched over is not a confident look or inviting, nor does it look good or feel good ( I’m still practising that one)
  • Job/ Career – Nothing says confidence when you can take care of your own anything.  Do a job/career that makes you happy.  If your not then make it happen! Living for the weekend is not life.
  • Smile – Go through life smiling, even at the coldest of person! they will come around eventually and if not, then their lost!
  • Believe in yourself – (I’m still working on that one) Self belief is important.  If your not lucky enough to have others to believe in you, then you have to be 200% in. Nothing happens without you making the changes.
  • Happiness – Choose happy every morning and every night.  I know it’s not always easy but you will feel better for it in the long run.
  • Individuality – Remember no one does it better than you (not even your twin if you have one lol)

Do you have any tips for self confidence?I would love to know, let me know in the comments below : )

Thank you for reading.



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