Has Instagram Gone Out Of Control?


When I started Instagram back in 2015.  It was purely for me to promote my blog content and not much else.  But then I started Youtube and so the story continues.  Since I started blogging back in 2015 (it seems a lot longer)  I have always heard how supportive the blogging community can be (almost like a family).  Sometimes I agree with it and other times I just don’t.


Trying not to stray off topic, Like I said when I started Instagram in August of 2015.  I was impressed at how everyone can have their own personal space, to share their personal pictures of their own lives.  And even more impressed at how bloggers were sharing their photos in such creative ways.

I vaguely remember my first Instagram post.  I was in Urban Outfitters in Shoreditch with my hunny and I thought i’d take a classic selfie, I stood in front of one of their large mirrors and snapped away.  I mean, it felt like the right thing to do, I’ve seen the “professionals” do it.  I had even posted a picture of my lunch, whilst at work.  A small Orangina bottled orange juice (you know the ones you can get in McDonalds).  A cheap packet sandwich (which tasted crap at the time) and I think an apple.  Far, far from the lovely food shots you see today.  I think I deleted that photo (it really was shit).


Which brings me back to present day (do I even stand a chance?).  I’ve notice a gradual and risque change on the Instagram platform, from the Influencers with the larger numbers.  I was looking at a popular Instagrammer and scrolled down her feed and came across a particular photo.  It was a nice photo and some might say “artistic”.  It was a picture of the person naked.  Everything hidden arms and legs in front of her body.  I scrolled down the comments, and a devoted follower asked “Is this necessary?  and on some level she is right!  Maybe it’s what content creators feel they have to do to grow a large following, and I hate using this term but (popularity)

Their is a silent and over-barring feeling of trying to keep up.  Is this what people want to see from content creators on Instagram now.  Have I missed the plot?  Or am I just getting on a bit? (maybe).

If it isn’t constant ripped bodies at the gym then it’s, Sexy thigh high thongs.  Showing the extended hips isn’t enough.  Let’s get the arse out too.  Not enough, OK let’s show all angles of our breast (minus the nipples).  Because a simple cleavage just won’t do anymore.  I could go on but, i’m only frustrating myself as I type this (and I shouldn’t really).


I feel as though, if your not saying anything other than “you look amazing” “that’s brilliant babe” “you look fantastic, I wish I could look like that” then your the black sheep of the blogger community.  So of course we keep on saying “this is great” and so the half and almost naked pictures keep on coming.


It is very possible, to grow your following on Instagram or a following across all your social media.  Not showing so much or anything really.  So if your looking to start blogging, please note you don’t have to entertain your followers with every naked detail of your life.  Unless it’s something you really feel you need to do.  Then it’s your call.


The ones who are still growing their following day and night.  Whilst keeping it on and showing a little but tastefully –

AnnaLilyJosie, Estee and Amelia.  Thank you ladies for keeping it real tastefully.


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