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I’m so happy I have come across the B. Cosmetics range from Superdrug.  I love that it is cruelty free and vegan.  This find is a drugstore brand and is very affordable.  I haven’t got any complaints since using the Superdrug B. Cosmetics range.  I remember seeing the brand in Superdrug but didn’t think anything of it (sad to say).   Superdrug have released a beauty brand worthy of sitting on the shelves.  The B. Cosmetic range is pretty and sleek AND is currently in a pop up shop in Box Park, Shoreditch, London until the 10th June!  So if you are curious you can get your vegan cruelty free beauty fix from there in a jiffy.


I’m still pretty new to this primer game.  New in the sense, I haven’t tried a lot.  I have just finished using a non cruelty free product.  Which was from a drug store and worked perfectly fine.  But i’m all about that cruelty free life now.  I am not disappointed at all with the B, Cosmetics primer.  It goes on very silky smooth, which creates a great base for your foundation or BB cream.  It is also non scented and works so well, as a base before your eye-shadow.


Whoa baby.  You know when you’ve seen a billion Mascara adverts all claiming to be the dogs b******s.  Well this actually is (not the dogs b******s) but very good, at giving that voluminous look, that most girls and boys want.  The only con is that it drys super quickly.  Therefore creating clumps and flakiness.  But putting that aside it really is a good mascara that is carbon black.  It will sure to make your eyes pop.


Oh dear.  No dear. I can only hope that there are other shades.  I picked out the brown/black as per usual and thought. No problem i’m going to smash this.  Oops.  The pigment is so good that it actually left my eyebrows black.  Even when I tried in vain to apply it as light as possible, (it just wasn’t working).   So in all, the shade and consistency of the product just wasn’t for me.  Although, I absolutely love the spoolie on the other end of the pencil/ crayon


This is legit (iv’e been saying that a lot recently) my new favourite blusher.  The pigmentation is just wonderful.  The perfect shade of pink in (Roses are Red).  This blusher can be quite build able as well.  I found this blusher to be lightweight, almost like talc powder.  It’s a great shade for that flush of colour to the cheeks.


Who wants to be a bronze goddess (I do, I do),  If your a glisten in the sun Goddess then this one isn’t for you.  Because this Bronzer is a matt.  Which I find refreshing.  I don’t know about you but with this whole culture of highlighting everything insight.  I find it quite nice to tone it done a bit with a matt look.  But if your into your dewy  glow look, which I equally love, if not more.  It is nice to change it up a little.  I got this bronzer in Dark which is great for my skin tone and can also double up as a contour.


The consistency of this lip pencil is nice and glides on.  I may have used mine too hard and as a result I broke a bit off (oops).  The reason being I was trying to get the colour pay off.  Which looked pretty but on my pigmented lips the colour took forever to show up.  This would look great on lighter skin tones.  I got this lip pencil in the colour Rosy.

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