Feet Indulgent Self Care For Yours This Spring 101

Self care for your feet has never been so easy and we can release our toes from the slumber of heavy socks and ankle boots. I think we can all be rest assured that spring has finally, finally, finally arrived here in the UK!  Thank goodness because all the current 50 shades of grey weather has been making me feel down, down, down. 

The weather up until now has just been a serious case of bio polar rain showers and strong gale winds.  So as I have already said, spring has finally arrived and we all know what that usually means.  That’s right ladies and gents, if your not getting your arms, legs, chest out (and whatever else you feel like hanging out of your clothes).  Then you will definitely at some point during the spring be getting your feet out!  So how do you show your feet self care this spring the next and for all eternity really.  Well here is my 5 top tips on how to love your feet this spring.

Feet and How To Self Care for Yours This Spring 101


I don’t know about you but I can not stand seeing long, overgrown toe nails.  The manicure and pedicure salons must go into over drive this time of the year.  As there is still a good percentage of the community that appreciate good nails and feet.  I’m not suggesting you book yourself into a salon.  A good pedicure can be achieved at home, with your own efforts.  You don’t even need to paint your nails. 

You can wear clear polish, if your nervous about getting your toes all messy with colour.  Or if you just don’t like colour on your toes.  All nails can be clipped into a nice uniform (similar size) with affordable nail clippers, from Superdrug, Boots (my favourite drugstore) or anywhere you know that sells them.  Although my new favourite maybe Superdrug, now that they have their own cruelty free / vegan beauty and skincare range.  Finish off with filing the ends of the nails to smooth.  Buffing the nails is optional, for a natural high shine.

Feet and How To Self Care for Yours This Spring 101


How much love do you show to under your feet?  I have this weird obsession.  Whenever I see women wearing sandals or wedges, If I’m behind them, I have to check the heels of their feet (I did say it was weird) I just don’t see the point in getting a pedicure to end up showcasing your feet in a pretty on trend sandal, to then ruin the look with dry, chapped and crusty heels!!!  Oooh my days, it is a pet peeve of mine. 

“Oi love, nice pedicure.  Shame about your heels” , Why?  To solve this problem on myself, I am no stranger to a foot file.  My personal favourite is a natural foot stone.  The foot stone or foot file is a great way of removing hard, dry skin under the feet.  In this process your feet are guaranteed to stay baby soft especially once moisturised.  I love doing this process all year round.  At least 2-3 a week.  It also helps your feet stay looking younger for longer! And why not try a foot masque for extra indulgent behaviour.

Feet and How To Self Care for Yours This Spring 101


Moisturising the body in general is important for youthful looking skin.  Because nobody’s got time for looking like a Prune or looking like ash has been thrown over them, okay.  My favourite moisturisers I love to use on my feet as well as my body are from The Body Shop.  I love the Vitamin E range, Olive, Shea Butter, Coconut (smells gorgeous and my current fave).  I’m currently eyeing up the new Peppermint range, oh yes!  An added BONUS foot scrubs, for extra indulgence!

Feet and How To Self Care for Yours This Spring 101

Sunglasses & Bag – MATALAN | Top – PRIMARK | Skirt – RIVER ISLAND | Sandals – H&M | Watch – MVMT | Ring – TOP SHOP | Nail Polish (on toes) – Ciaté LONDON (Pretty In Putty)


Not to everyones cup of tea but if your looking to have even sexier feet this Summer (any foot fetish people out there?).  Why not decorate your feet with a little bling.  That even includes your ankles.  I love the delicate look of an ankle bracelet or toe ring.  I couldn’t do toes rings.  It took me a long time to get used to toe thong sandals or flip flops.  For festival season, you could probably use stick on gem stones, for added fun and glamour.


Now this is my favourite part, next to doing my own pedicure.  This the season to not only show off your feet but your choice of sandals too.  I am a great lover of (mainly) toe thongs/ flip flops than flat sandals or espadrilles (I see they have made a come back).  It used to be wedges but these days, I just opt for comfort.  Sandals come in great designs now and to suit any style of outfit.  But if your looking for that elevated classy look to go with a summer dress for those alfresco evening meals.  Then wedges would be my personal choice.

What self care do you give your feet during Spring?

As always let me know in the comments below : )



Feet and How To Self Care for Yours This Spring 101

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