Commitment Issues

If your on social media, which lets face it most of the people on this planet probably are.  And if they’re not then they probably do live in the deep of the Amazon (lucky).  Do you find it hard to retain your followers?  If your here for some tips/advice.  I wish I had some to give BUT if you have any advice on retaining followers, then please feel free to leave me a comment below.  Because I would really love to know.  Commitment issues on Instagram, seem to be a big issue for me at the moment ( a long while actually).


I mean I just don’t get it!  Is this the actual reality of social media now days?  I think I have a pretty decent Instagram FEED. You guys already know my thoughts on INSTAGRAM.  Instagram in my opinion has changed for the worst.  I just don’t know what to believe with the App.  The whole following culture is totally off.  On average I can get between 60-80 likes and a hand full of comments, if that.  The ones I do get I’m grateful for.  With the new damn algorithm changes AGAIN!  It apparently means only 10% get to see your photo upload ?@#!?.  But, and here is the big But, not many people are willing to commit to following.  Which is quite funny to me.  Especially when you see the same handles liking almost, if not every picture?  You obviously enjoy my photos maybe you could follow my feed…it’s a thought…


Now I’m not saying everyone should commit to following someone.  Again let’s face it we all have our favourites.  I’ve heard quite a few times, and again I am trying not to take it personally.  I read a popular bloggers blog post this morning, who was getting a bit panicky because they too noticed their own engagement was dropping.  On some of their social platforms (crazy).  And this particular person has close to two million subscribers on YouTube alone!


I remember when I started Instagram in 2015.  Even though it was not that long ago, things are certainly a lot different now!  It almost seems content creators are at a split.  Between doing what they want, what they think people want and then there are the risky, unrealistic versions of themselves and lives, they think will keep people and brands interested.  Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t.  Only the algorithm and CEO will know.


All I know is, I can’t afford to drown in these worries.  But it does get to me from time to time, I’m only human after all!  The whole reason I started social media was to promote my blog post.  Which I am very fond of.  I did not join it to gain numbers willy nilly.  I did it to share my new passion and hopefully gain repeat visitors/ readers to my blog.  Because that’s always nice.  It’s also nice to see actual comments (even if it is to say “hello”).

Do you have a bugbear about Instagram?  Do you have issues with social media commitment?



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