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At the moment it seems everyone is living life in colour!  All over Pinterest you can find inspiration for pastel/ mermaid coloured hair.  Just the other day, I was waiting for my train at London Victoria station and noticed a rainbow of colourful hair left, right and center.  I will be honest and say i’m more conventional than unconventional with colour, when it comes to dying my hair and have always been.  But having said that if you visit my Pinterest you WILL find a board for pastel coloured hair, because I do find it visually pleasing as it is a form of art.  A way for people to express their personal style.

I did attempt to multi-colour my hair years back.  I wanted part of my hair to look like that nice caramel brown that Beyoncé flaunts, as I know that would look great against my skin tone.  But it ended up looking more brass orange (Ugh), a total fail!  I always thought if I were to dye my hair any colour of the rainbow, then it would be purple or blue, again would go great against my skin tone.

So in enlightenment of LÓrèal Paris launching their new brand Colorista and having their hair ambassador Victoria from inthefrow, help launch the range, I had to dye my hair… #turquoisehair but it did end up looking more navy blue (which was still fine).  This could have been because my hair is dark, but neither the less it looked great!

I choose the 1 day spray which suited me just fine, as I don’t think I could commit to long term (disco hair).  The range itself come in 1 day spray, Wash Out (semi-permanent), Paint (permanent) and Effects (ombré, bleach or balayage)

I was very impressed by the Colorista 1 day spray in terms of, colour pay off especially on darker hair.  It is great for when you want to change your look but for something less permanent.  The consistency of the spray dye reminded me of hair chalk.  Another way of instant 1 day colour change.

Pros: instant colour change, can be done on the go (as long as your in open space!), As intended, last for a day.

Cons: Messy (it should come with gloves), DOES transfer onto your skin e.g. hands, ears, neck (boyfriends face, when resting against your head), clothes and bedding (even after it dries), I PERSONALLY found it drying on my hair (but then again my hair needs moisture everyday, like the Amazon Forest needs rain!)

I’m not sure if these cons happened because, I did NOT follow the instructions of spraying it 15cm away from my hair (but a hell of a lot closer as I was in a rush).  But having said that I still love it! for that instant change, I felt I mastered that edgy look for the day! #colorista #doityourway #mycoloristalook

LÒréal Hair Ambassador and Blogger Victoria inthefrow

How do you feel about unconventional colours in your hair? Let me know in the comments below : )




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