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Being supportive or at least trying to!  Working full time AND trying to blog, create You Tube videos keep up with social media, InstagramTwitterPinterestBloglovin and attending Events can leave a girl knackered, well knackered!  I’m all in for being supportive in general, especially in this industry but where to actually fit in the time, I have no idea.  I guess a little goes a long way…by this I mean trying to keep on top of everything everyday (after work). Being supportive meant I could watch my favourite You Tubers and support other Blogger friends by, reading their blogs and scroll through their pretty Instagram feed for well over an hour (where does the time go?).

BUT! and I mean a BIG but, since creating and becoming more engrossed in my own blog and trying my damn hardest to grow my audience and promote it (often leaving my mind as tiered as running down the road, which I don’t do very well or often), leaves me more too often thinking have I been as supportive to my fellow Blogger friends as I could?

Being supportive sometimes seems to be out of reach, when I think of all the things I have to do, you know organising your life (before that dreaded Monday creeps back upon us, I’m sure Monday seem to get a bad rap).  After completing a blog post, or filming and editing a video for hours (sometimes feels like days) and between trying to do life chores.  It got me thinking how supportive can a Blogger be?

Can being supportive towards other Bloggers be achievable?  When I think of the more establish Bloggers, the ones that have been in the game for 5 years and more, and you may know who they are (you know the ones that seem to be in a tight circle of friendship, go to pretty much all the same events and end up all over each others Instagram feed).  Do THEY actually have time to go onto each others Blogs and You Tube channel and actually leave comments…(I don’t think so).

For the more established Blogger their version of being supportive is Tweeting, Retweeting and of course liking each others Tweets.  I guess other than maybe texting each other, Tweeting is the best way to go.

It’s not easy being a Blogger and I certainly don’t expect it to be.  Especially If your doing it for enjoyment.  Something that gives you joy shouldn’t be stressing you but then Rome wasn’t built in a day!

On this blogging venture, I have met a fair amount of lovely supporters and Bloggers whom I hope to keep in touch with.  These lovely ladies all have creativity that they work hard on and showcase every week.  A mixture of Beauty, Fashion, Food, Travel and even Book reviews!

So, is it possible to be supportive whilst Blogging? Yes it is.  As well as making time for ourselves, it is equally important to make time for others.  So make sure, you do now and again give your fellow Blogger friend a shout out on Instagram, Twitter, Blog post or You Tube video.  They would really appreciate it and remember kindness goes a long way.

In support of this blog post, I would like to give a shout out to some Blogger friends I follow –

London Damsel | Maya, travel, book reviews, fashion and food.

Katies Sanctuary | Katie, beauty and mental health a topic she feels strongly about.

Wunms | Wunmi, One of Gods sends covers beauty, fashion, faith and recipes.

Comfy Cozy Up | Peta, life issues, yoga, book reviews, theatre and fashion.

Lippie 143 | Nancy, Fashion, events and amazing wig reviews.

Lucy Wachowe | Halima, Fashion, beauty and a love for architecture.

Demi Bees | Demi, a love for sewing, get aways, health and fitness.

Analaigh | Analaigh, hair care, beauty, home ware, inspiration and bargains.

If your a Blogger, do you believe in being supportive towards other Bloggers? Let me know in the comments below, Id love to know what you think : )




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