Coconuts | The Benefits

Oh the benefits of using and understanding coconuts .  There are so many uses for coconuts it is not even a joke! When thinking of coconuts, most of us think of lying on a beach with the legit big brown hairy shell, with the longest straw a person can find (or a bounty bar, which I have never liked).  Sipping on all its goodness, because that is what you do on a holiday right or the cool streets of urban London!  Not only does it look cool but it’s a certain seal of approval you are on holiday.  Also note coconuts come in big non hairy green shells as well.

If I am honest I think it was the Bounty Bar that actually put me off coconuts as a child.  I always avoided them in the sweet tin, and avoid them even more since becoming Vegan.

Now that I’m a grown up, I have learnt that coconuts can be beneficial in more ways than one, a (tasty one)

Coconut Pancakes with coconut sweet caramel syrup (vegan)

Eating Coconuts | the benefits

With coconuts you get the price of two for one.  The water inside and once cracked open (with a machete straight out of a 80’s horror film) the jelly can be scooped out. Apart from looking exotic whilst eating coconuts.  If you, like me find yourself getting a little forgetful at times (I swear it’s a real problem, my short term memory is so s**t you wouldn’t believe) Or am I being selective with my memory hummm….) coconuts are proven to be great for the repair of the brain function.  Suffering from regular UTI? (Urinary Track Infection) coconuts are good for curing that. Along with kidney infection and protects the liver. Coconuts are high in natural saturated fats, when eaten increase good cholesterol and turns the bad cholesterol into good.  Prevents high blood pressure and heart disease! Coconuts are also great for boosting the immune system.

Coconuts are great in meals and can be added as flakes, milk, butter or water.  Very tasty as a snack, in main meals and dessert!

Wearing Coconuts

Optional.  I’m sure if you look really hard you might find a coconut print out there : )

Coconuts for the Skin, Hair and Mouth,  | the benefits

Coconuts for the skin can improve elasticity.  It is really good for anyone that suffers from dry skin.  I know my skin is happiest when it is seriously moisturised.  It’s great for re-hydrating the skin and keeping it looking youthful for longer.  As well as that, coconut oil helps fade marks and is brilliant at discolouration.  Oil pulling is a well known (especially amongst the blogging community) and can be done at home 5-10 minute treatment for whitening teeth, which also kills the bacteria that often causes bad breath.

For the hair, coconut oil can leave the hair shiny, soft and manageable.  Preventing scalp infections and breakage.

How do you use coconuts and how has it benefited you? let me know in the comments below.

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