Ciat’e London Mini Mani 24 Days | Christmas Advent Calendar

Ho, ho, ho Ciaté London is in town glitter and all.  It’s almost Christmas and that’s right girls, the beauty Christmas advent calendars are in full swing (it’s literally the battle of the beauty calendars out there).  So many beauty brands to chose from.  I don’t know how long brands have been creating beauty Christmas advent calendars but I’ve only known about them in the last year (where have I been?).  Have these beauty calendars replaced the old faithful chocolate (usually eat them all on the first day) calendars? quite possibly!  Well I’ve bought mine and it’s Ciaté London darling.

I chose the brand Ciaté London, because they have vegan and cruelty free beauty products.  I absolutely love this beauty Christmas advent calendar.  If like me you love your hands to have a perfectly beautiful manicure, with a gorgeous collection of nail polishes displayed in your bedroom.  Then this is definitely the perfect choice.

I first discovered Ciaté London nail polishes years ago, when I received a free nail polish with a magazine.  I remember it being a box standard colour to suit most women (beige).  It also came with, what looked like miniature “Hundreds and Thousands” (you know the colourful sweets, you sprinkle over cakes, for that oooh factor) but in little round balls, to sprinkle all over your nails!  It was a manicure craze some years ago, so I pushed it to the back of my nail polish collection, along with the colourful balls.  Because a) the colour didn’t suit me and b) I didn’t like the idea of wearing, what looked like sweets on my nails.  So I forgot about the brand.

BUT it’s 2017 (for the next 14 days) and i’m vegan and on the hunt for vegan/cruelty free nail polishes.  And that’s when Ciaté London popped up on my radar (Google) and i’m so thankful it did.

Because this calendar is jam packed with beautiful nail polish shades to suit most!  In my opinion all the colours are gorgeous! Ciaté London have NOT disappointed in this department.  Each day opening a new box brings such excitement and colour.  There is a shade for every mood and season with added sparkle.  The Ciaté London beauty Christmas advent calendar also comes with a nail file and a secrete full size polish (I can’t wait to see what colour it is). As the nail polishes are mini, it is a great way to sample the Ciaté London brand nail polishes, before purchasing the full size bottle.

Oh la la, I am going to be a spoil sport and tell you all about the colours e.g. consistency, pigmentation and longevity in another post! (say what).  Colour swatches and all! So that’s going to be fun (box number 10 is giving me serious Mermaid/ Unicorn vibes).  I bought mine for £50, it can now be bought for £35! from Very.

What type of Christmas advent calendar have you bought? Let me know in the comments below : )



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