Britney Vs Christina Summer Playlist

So Summer is officially here! and so are the music festivals and playlist.  In time for “Happy 4th of July” America.  I’m sure like me you have your go to songs to get ready to.  Whether it be from years ago, from your early years, childhood memories.  To present day (I’ll just check out what’s going on, to stay somewhat in the loop).  It is amazing how smells, food and MUSIC, can always transport you back in time to a good old familiar memory!  So I’m bringing it back to Britney Vs Christina, the 90’s era.

If you were a child of the 90’s or have a sibling that was.  Then you’ll be no stranger to the two names Britney and Christina.  AND you’ll be no stranger to the fact, that the media played them off on each other as pop Princess rivals.  I’m not going to lie but I was always and still am #teambritney…because it’s Britney Bitch!“, (You Wanna Piece Of Me) #sorrynotsorry.  I definitely had a crush on Britney and probably wanted to be her, the first time I ever saw her debut single, “Hit Me Baby One More Time.  I felt at the time she symbolised, strength, (definitely) sexiness and of course great dance choreography and VIDEOS!!!

Listening to Miss B. Spears while I get ready.  Guarantees me in for a good old trip down memory lane and makes me feel sexy.  I’m literally Britney in the moment.

So here are just a few of my Britney Vs Christina playlist favourites, for the Summer.  For that added Sunshine and dirty pop.

Britney –


Whenever I hear this song even during the Winter.  It takes me back to teenage me, creating my own dance moves (because who didn’t do that in the 90’s) in my bedroom.  It instantly turns into Summer.  From the Album Britney, comes it’s upbeat tune.  I feel like Snow White, all the birds come out to sing, the bees and butterflies are buzzing around, and I’m wearing jean shorts and flip flops (a Britney combo favourite).  All is good in the world, it’s fun, girly and a great tune to drive too.


I remember when this song was released.  I was 17 and in my first job as a Business Administrator/ Receptionist.  For a Music Manufacturing company.  What I didn’t know then, was probably my most memorable job to date.  And the most fun I’ve had.  YOUNGER and care free.  From the album “In The Zone” my favourite Britney album to date.  Pure sexy, kitten like and mischievous behaviour comes to mind while girateing away to this song lol.


Dang girl!  I first heard this sitting in my mum’s car, it was night time.  And she was taking ages talking to someone at the time, as usual.  I was listening to the radio, probably 95.8 Capital FM.  When they introduced this new song from Britney Spears “Britney” album.  Well what can I say.  It was probably my first experience of feeling super sexy as a mid teenager.  My hormones were going left right and center.  And when I saw the video DAMN, game over.  The whole world went into a frenzy over this now iconic song and video.  As soon as the beat drops, that’s it I’m gone!


From the album “Femme Fatale”, actually another favourite Britney album of mine.  This song is about getting it on one last time, with that guy that caught your eye across the dance floor.  Before we all meet our apocalyptic end of the world.  And you bets believe were’re going to be doing it whilst dancing.  I love listing to this while putting on my make – up and choosing what to wear for a nice DAY out, (that’s right, because i’m a granny).  The video is a combination of “Oops I Did It Again (red PVC jumpsuit) and I’m A Slave 4 U (room)”, meets apocalypses.  Again sexy, sexy and MORE sexy.


Christina –

COME ON OVER – A upbeat song about inviting the one (for some one on one) teenage friendly fun.  I first heard this on a plane to Goa in India, with my family.  This song just made the journey all that much better.

DIRRTY – No misspelling here.  The 17 year old me, was getting down and dirty (with the dance moves that is) to this grimy hard core RnB track ft Redman.  I was single, it was Summer and it was good.

CANDY MAN – Listening to this through my Sisters stereo speakers (because she was obsessed)! Damn it was loud.  A tongue in cheek song and 50’s style video.  Guaranteed to get you swinging and jiving on the dance floor!

CAN’T HOLD US DOWN – 17 year old me feeling very much empowered.  I don’t think there was a stereo system that wasn’t blaring this from the house or car.  This song reinforces that women SHOULD be allowed the same rights as men! Ft Lil Kim.  A song the Suffragettes would be proud of.

AIN’T NO OTHER MAN – And for the man in my life of 14 years and still going strong, my song to you xoxo.  A strong vocal (as always) sassy song, for an equally sassy vintage video.  You did good girl!

I JUST WANT TO FEEL THIS MOMENT – This song DOES belong to “Pitbull” and features Christina Aguilera vocals.  Listening to this makes me feel so uplifted.  That I can take on the world and do what I want.  I go into such a happy place.  It certainly is a party anthem and rightly so.  The title of the song say’s it all really.  Featuring a track sample from the 80’s Swedish boy band A-Ha “Take On Me”.  A massive hit of it’s time!

I really enjoyed sharing and creating my snippet Summer playlist with you.   Let’s face it a lot more songs will be played out of my car this Summer!

What songs are you loving right now, from any decade.  Let me know in the comments : ) xo

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