Best Vegan Red Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks have been on my list of beauty products to try for a long while now, and I am so happy they have vegan lipsticks available. The two vegan lipsticks I am showing here were recently purchased by my sister, who was kind enough to let me blog about them, so thank you Nina.

Both of the Charlotte Tilbury vegan lipsticks below have a revolutionary square tip for a brush like application. Triglycerides and waxes are a blend of oils used and will give you a long lasting colour for up to 10 hours, as claimed on their website. I found these vegan lipsticks very hydrating and creamy. I am very impressed and would definitely by some lipsticks in the future as well as other products. They are a premium high street brand, so do expect to pay that bit more. What you pay for is what you get and you get quality and satisfaction with these.

I only wore mine for as long as the shoot, so approx 30 minutes. As much as I would love for a lipstick to have a very good staying power, I do understand reapplying is normal if you are talking a lot, drinking, eating or even kissing. So a claim to 10 hours is still relatively good. There are also 3D glowing pigments in the vegan lipsticks to create a glow within look. Tree and Orchid extracts are also added to hydrate the lips.


I think Charlotte Tibury have done very well to create a really sexy looking red lipstick. The Red Carpet Red matte lipstick is totally worthy for any occasion. Although personally, I would save this for the late evenings or nights. But if you are into bold colours in the day then this is for you.

I would wear this on a girls night out or that special date. Forget Dorothy’s red ruby slippers, this red shade is described as being a true ruby red shade, old Hollywood glamour and looks perfect on all skin tones. A definite keeper for your make up bag or dressing table. You will have your other girl friends asking about this for sure!

Best Vegan Red Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury


Feeling a total babe in this new and exclusive wearable day time shade in Legendary Queen. As these photos tell you, I was totally feeling myself. This shade is a bit more of a darker shade of red and is described as neutral wine matte. I paired this with Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Hollywood Honey (lip liner). You can pair this lipstick shade with a white t-shirt and jeans or a tea dress for a chic laid back vibe or tea time ready. On my skin tone I would say this was the more subtle out of the two. I would be more than happy to have this with the rest of my lipstick stash.

Best Vegan Red Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury


Wow, wow, wow Hollywood Honey what a beauty of a colour, a rich brown shade to suit all skin tones. If you don’t believe me click the link to see the swatches on different skin tones, absolutely gorgeous and well done Charlotte Tilbury for having all these swatches. It makes shopping for make up even easier. Not only does Hollywood Honey colour look fantastic on its own but will look great with any other lip colour. This lip liner is also waterproof and can last up to 6 hours, as advised on their website.

Best Vegan Red Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury

Do you own any Charlotte Tibury Lipstick? Or which of the two are your favourites?

Let me know in the comments below : )

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