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Human Kind | Body Butter

This body butter is small in size (maybe a sample size) so I’ve only used it on my hands so far.  The Human Kind body butter leaves my hands feeling moisturised, which helps against the harsh cold winter weather, were having right now in the UK.  I find the cold weather so very drying to my skin.  The body butter has Shea butter, aloe vera and coco seed butter, to help provide plenty of moisture to the skin.  I would suggest using the body butter daily after a shower/bath.  To help the skin combat dehydration (because ain’t nobody got time for dry flaky skin).

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Tisserand Aromatherapy | Bath Soak

Doesn’t the sound of a bath soak sound indulgent.  Well I hope so, I’m still yet to find out.  It’s taking the time to use this bath soak as I’m usually a shower girl.  The bath soak has natural pure essential oils, of rose and geranium.  Blended with Pomegranate and grapeseed.  This bath soak is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, to protect the skin.  All while feeling pampered and relaxed!

Balade En Provence | Apple Hand Creme

OMG, just look at the packaging!!!.  I’m a sucker for packaging, so I’d probably would have bought this regardless of how soft it left my hands lol.  But really the packaging is really unique.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.  The top half screws off and it has a little protector inside, that just lifts off revealing the apple scented hand creme.  Balade En Provence have got themselves a long term customer as I absolutely love this hand creme.  The Shea butter leaves my hands feeling silky smooth and hydrated.  And the smell is to die for, absolute heaven.  The hand creme smells like freshly cut apples.  I could smell my hands for hours after.  If you are looking for a new hand creme to try.  I would definitely a 100% suggest this, you’d make Snow White jealous!

Original Source | Foaming Shower Gel Pineapple

If you want an intense shower experience.  Then I urge you to try the new pineapple foaming shower gel.  To be honest Original Source full range offer that experience.  But the new foaming experience offer an even more luxury shower, with exotic pineapple aroma.  Creating a rich and creamy indulgent moment, that leaves you not wanting to get out of the shower…ever (even if my hands do start to look like prunes)

Optiat | Coffee Body Scrub

Oh Optiat where have you been all my life?  I’m thinking in the future with this one as I haven’t actually tried them as yet.  But I’m so excited to try them.  As I have been desperate to try a coffee body scrub for so long.  The coffee granules act as an exfoliate, while the caffeine stimulate your blood flow.  Optiat is great against cellulite and stretch marks.  Who wouldn’t say no to that!

Unicorn Cosmetic Clementine | Faux Silk Vegan Lashes

Lashes and Unicorns are most girls dreams.  I’m not a false lash girl but will take the unicorn to go (thanks). Apparently rocking a unicorn look not only gives good vibes but good luck.  If your a serial false lash wearer then you need a pair of these.  I love the look of these lashes and think they will look great on a night out, or if your daring enough then during the day.  They are soft to the touch and will complete any outfit for that wow factor.

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