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Discover was the word of the month, I had no idea CBD Oil was to enter my life permanently. Towards the end of last year was the most anxiety has probably ever affected my life. My body and state of mind were under attack, it was anxiety as I have never known it. I needed more than a wing and a prayer…then a little birdie introduced me to CBD Oil (thanks Sis), and I have never looked back.

What Is CBD Oil

In short CBD Oil is from Hemp / Cannabis Plant. As a oil it taste very bitter but is so good beneficially.

Tiny CBD Oil bottle
discover Tiny CBD Oil bottle

The Post Before

It is amazing how the slightest thing can set a series of crazy off the wall emotions. Mine was set off firstly by starting a new job back in August, you may have read my last “How to Ace that New Career”. Usually starting a new job leaves me feeling excited and happy for a new start and challenge.

P-Off Anxiety

Unsettling feelings, led to more anxiety which led to constant use of the toilet (I really do hope I don’t miss my train thoughts) the rapid weight loss, appetite loss and I think a little hair lost. Not to mention my skin looked shit! I did not look nor did I feel cute.

Don’t get me wrong, this is completely normal for me when I start a new job for at least the first month (not the hair loss part). What isn’t normal is it lasting for five months. I needed more than just a prep talk to myself in the morning, because the prep talk just weren’t cutting it.

CBD Oil to the Rescue

Introducing CBD Oil into my life couldn’t have come quicker. After taking a couple of drops in the morning before my journey into work. I found myself to be quite relaxed, almost a sense of euphoria. Basically wherever my negative head space led me, the CBD Oil distracted me from any anxiety thoughts and feelings I was experiencing.

discover Tiny CBD Oil bottle

The Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD Oil also known as Cannabidoli or most commonly known as Cannabis, is totally legal within a certain quantity, safe and most importantly natural. So, great for Vegetarians and Vegans. It is easy to get into the regular daily use of CBD Oil, and is totally safe doing so. But I would recommend using it when you most need it, to feel the benefits, so the night before as well as the morning. Some of the benefits of using CBD Oil are –

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression are both common disorders and factors for mental health and well-being. Usually both can be treated with prescription medication, advised by your doctor. But if you are looking for a healthy and natural option. I would certainly recommend CBD Oil 10/10, I found it extremely helpful and will be using it as part of my lifestyle.


Not that I have any problems in this area (like none what so ever) because girl I love to sleep, as much as the next Sleeping Beauty. Before my head touches the pillow, girl I’m gone. But I did experiment taking CBD Oil before bedtime (just because) and woke up feeling super refreshed and recharged. I certainly had a deep night sleep and I thank it all to taking my CBD Oil, before beddy byes.

Relives Pain

I can not say that I have noticed pain relief whilst taking CBD Oil. But then I have only mainly been taking it for the relief if anxiety. I have read “7 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil” and it does mention the pain relief for Arthritis.

Reduces Acne

As a past victim to Cystic Acne, I would have been glad to learn that CBD Oil aids in anti-inflammatory and helps reduce the secretion of sebum, which we all know leads to oily and other nasties on the skin.

CBD can be found in most health care shops and can be purchased without a prescription. But if you are not sure, please be advised to check with your doctor first.

Have you tried CBD or maybe have any other tips to control Anxiety or Depression?

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